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Cheat codes for Armored Core 2

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First person view

While playing a game, hold Triangle + Square + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the new camera view. For the Japanese version of the game, hold Triangle + Square + Select.

Fixed camera view

While playing a game, hold Circle + X + Start. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game with the camera fixed at the pre-location. For the Japanese version of the game, hold Circle + X + Select.

Return to default view

To return to the default view, pause the game, then press Start to resume the game. For the Japanese version of the game, press Select instead of Start.

Hidden part

On the snow mission where you have to destroy the crates, go in the crack to the right of the starting position and destroy part of the airplane to reveal a little cave that has an optional part for making left arm weapons or shields power up.

Fixed camera view (Japanese version)

Hold Circle + X + Select while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the view fixed.

First person view (Japanese version)

Hold Triangle + Square + Select while playing the game. The game will pause. Resume the game with the new view.

Return to default view (Japanese version)

Pause the game, then press Select.

Another hidden part

In the training room, if you shoot the circle in the ceiling enough, it will break, revealing a secret area. You need good boosters or a light-weight AC to get up the shaft into the area, and when you do, you will find a new Radar part. The radar is pretty nice for the 1st half of the game.

Plus Cheats

Intentionaly lose the first mission AFTER the Raven's test. Continue losing until you reach -50,000 credits or less to activate the plus cheats. There are numorous bonuses in the plus cheats (i.e. advanced radar, the ability to fire sholder weapons while in motion, faster cooling...) To activate all of them you must continue falling under the -50,000 credit mark.

Temporary Unlimited Energy

While playing a game, press L2 + R2 + R3. If entered correctly a "Limiter Released System Error" message will appear. You will have unlimited energy for 1 minute and then the "OB Down System Error" will appear and you will have NO energy for 1 minute. After the "OB Down System Error" is complete your AC will recharge and return to normal. Use this Code wisely.

Overweight Cores

For the ability to use Cores that are overweight, Complete the Mission Mode and allow the credits to end. You will be awarded the cheat thereafter.

Aquire AC Emblems

After defeating an AC in the Arena a victory message will appear. If you want to take their emblem simply press START + SELECT. The emblem will be in your emblem list.

Steal AC's Emblem

To steal an AC's emblem access their Spec screen (in Arena Mode) and simply press START + SELECT. If entered correctly you will hear a sound. The stolen emblem will be added to your emblem list.

Hidden FCS Part

To find the DOX-ALM FCS part you must accept the mission named "Guard Secret Information" requested by Emeraude. The part is in the South East room (coordinates X -000314, Y -000012, Z 000700). There are several boxes on the floor which must be destroyed to uncover a panel. Shoot the panel, drop down, turn left, and press circle to recieve the FCS part.

Hidden Back Weapon Part

To get the Hidden ZWX-F04/ORBIT Back Weapon Part, choose the "Zio City Suppression" mission requested by Earth Government. At the begining of the mission, fly over/through the tower directly in front of you. You will see some green buildings and the Orbit Cannon lying on the ground. (coordinates: X -000260, Y 000015, Z -000243)(note: due to the fact that there are several green "mazelike" buildings and you'll probably be hammered from all directions, I suggest you use these coordinates to your advantage.

Hidden Energy Shield Part

To get the Hidden ZES-99/MIRROR Part, choose the "Under Ground Railway" mission requested by Zio Matrix. Work your way through the mission until you come to the room where you have to shoot the floor. Instead, look up and shoot the off-colored ceiling panel and fly up to the room. The energy shield is on the floor. (coordinates: X 000803, Y -000005, Z -000113)

Hidden Laser Rifle Part

to get the Hidden KARASAWA-MK2 Part (the best rifle in the game) choose the "Stop The Surface Weapon" mission requested by Balena. At the begining of the mission, fly over the surface weapon towards the "Leaving Area" line. The Karasawa is on the ground in that area. You want this rifle, trust me. (coordinates: X -000794, Y 000000, Z 000100)

Hidden Back Weapon Part

To get the EWM-S612 Small Missile Part, choose the "Destroy Radar Base" mission requested by LCC. At the begining of the mission are the same storage units that were in the "Inflitrate Radar Base" mission (see "Hidden Booster Part") and now the storage unit holds a back weapon part. As before, shoot the door and grab the part. (coordinates: X -000416, Y 000001, Z 00129)

Hidden Booster Part

To get the hidden ZBT-GEX/3000 Booster Part, choose the "Inflitrate Radar Base" mission requested by Balena. Work your way through the caverns. When you come outside where the radars are, go to the far right where there will be 6 storage units. The part is on the back side so, when your facing them, it would be the one on the left. Shoot the door and grab the part. (coordinates: X -000423, Y 000001, Z 000130)

Hidden Laser Blade Part

To get the LS-MOONLIGHT Laser Blade Part, choose the "Rescue Research Team" mission requested by Zio Matrix. Work your way trough the mission until you come accross a floating gate. Look down as you go through this tunnel and you'll notice an off-colored floor panel. Shoot out the panel and go down. Look at your map to see the indention in the wall where the laser blade sits. (coordinates: X -000055, Y -001982, Z -001094)

Hidden Head Part

To get the hidden EHD-GN-92 Head Part, choose the "Ground Based Attack" mission requested by Emeraude. Overboost to the end of the bridge and fly carefully underneath the bridge. You will see an aclove where the head will be lying.

Hidden Extension Part

To get the hidden BEX-BB210 Back Booster Extension, choose the "Escort Train" mission requested by Balena. When the train comes in, shoot the second to last train car. Inside is the hidden part. (note: this will make you fail the mission)

Hidden Generator Part

To find the hidden HOY-BV2500 Generator, choose the "Eliminate Leos Klein" mission. Work your way through the corridoors with the bombs. There will be a circular room and a door on your left. In this door is a hallway with 2 doors that your radar will not pick up. The door on your right is empty. Further down the hallway is a door on your left.(coordinates: X-000564, Y-000256, Z-000537). Enter this door and on the floor to your right is the hidden generator part.

Human Plus

Human Plus is back. Just drop to -50000 credits and an experiment will be done on you. You need to do this multiple times to get the full benifit. warning, this will restart your game (except for the first mission)

1st time: Automatic Radar

2nd time: Ability To Throw The Laserblade

3rd time: Have Heat Taken Away From Attack

4th time: Ability To Walk While Shooting Back Weapons

5th time: Use Half Of The Energy

6th time: Double energy

Note: To shoot the laserblade use it then immediately press the boost button. It takes some practice but is completely worth it.

Cheap, easy wins

This tip is a really cheap way to win Arena challenges.(Hey, a win is a win!) First, go to the old abandoned highway. You will start at the top of the talles building there near the corner of the fighting area. Turn around and carefully move to the corner. Once in the corner(the closer you are to the edge the better), turn around and face the enemy and shoot away at them. More likely than not, they'll end up outside of the combat area! You WIN! cheap but effective.

Easy Sub Level

This isn't really a cheat, but it does help alot on the Submarine level, If you have enough money buy a pair of hover legs. That way if you happen to fall off the sub you still live(your legs hover across the water).

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