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Cheat codes for Armored Core 3

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First Person View

Insert a memory card with saved game files from Armored Core 2 or Armored Core 2: Another Age. After saving and resuming in Armored Core 3 from that memory card, pause the game, then press L1 + R2 + X + Square + D-pad to get a first person view of the current screen. Note: The screen will return to normal when the game is resumed.

Get Defeated AC Emblems

View the Arena Menu and select a ranked AC that you have defeated. Once an AC's profile shows up and you see the AC and emblem press Start+Select at the same time. You should hear a noise if you did it correctly and you get the AC's emblem!


In first Layer Special Research, Mission Destroy gun implacements. You must finish the first mission in a SHORT amount of time. Just go for the gun emplacements don?t worry about the camouflaged MT?s. Then you must accept and successfully complete the second part of the mission. A consort can be used, and helps A LOT and you still get the part.

Get KWM-AD-50 Part

In the third layer Industrial Research, Mission MT Training Exercise. You must complete the mission without getting hit.


In first layer Nature Area, Mission Defend water processors, You must complete the second half of the mission


In the first layer nature district, mission destroy the massive MT. Successfully complete the mission without using a consort.


In the first layer nature district, mission destroy the massive MT. At the beggining of the mission head to the northwest corner there is a small nook, the part is in the middle of that, it?s a small black object on the ground.


To get the MLH-MX/VOLAR you must do AC test 1 and get the S rating to do this you must destroy at least 45-50 targets. You should get a mail notice if you do this correctly.

Drop parts

Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Triangle to drop your R arm weapon, Back Unit, and Inside parts. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + L3 to drop Extension parts. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Circle to drop L arm weapons.

Hidden Parts

There are many hidden parts and many ways to get them.

Arena Parts:
These parts you get when you win in the arena. Each time you win a part, you are notified via mail.

Part Name Part Type How to Get it
CWM-S60-10 Back Unit Win your first victory
MGP-VE905 Generator Achieve D ranking
CWGG-GR-12 Arm Unit Right Achieve C ranking
CWC-SLU-64 Back Unit Achieve B ranking
CLR-00-MAK Legs Achieve A ranking
VREX-WS-1 FCS Achieve 35th ranking overall
OP-E-LAI Optional Part Achieve 15th ranking overall
CAW-DC-03 Weapon Arms Defeat Ace, the number one pilot

Mission Parts:
These next parts are found in missions.

Part Name Part Type Mission
CHD-04-YIV Head Defend Naire Bridge
MEBT-OX/MB Extension Rescue the Survey Team
MWR-M/45 Back Unit Safeguard Water Supply
MWG-SBZ/24 Arm Unit Right Recover Ship Cargo
MWI-DD/20 Inside Defend Water Processors
MEST-MX/CROW Extension Disable Pulse Generators
MRL-SS/SPHERE Back Unit Protect Crest Convoy
KWB-MARS Arm Unit Right Destroy Massive Weapon
CBT-FLEET Booster Destroy Massive MT

Miscellaneous parts:
Perform specific actions in missions to get these.
Note: You must complete Destroy Gun Emplacements in under two minutes and collect at least an overal A ranking to reach Destract Union Defences, where you get the MWG-KARASAWA. Similarly, you must destroy all enemies and have at least an overal B rank when starting the Defend Water Processors to reach Eliminate the Bombers, where you collect the KWS-ES/MIRROR.

Part Name Part Type Action
MLH-MX/VOLAR Legs Gain a rank of A or higher in AC Test 1.
KWG-HZL30 Arm Unit Left Destroy two or more monorails in Destroy Naire Bridge.
RMR-ICICLE Radiator Keep all convoy units alive in DefendPersonal Convoy.
KWM-AD-50 Back Unit Don't get hit by a single missile in MT Training Excercise.
MWG-XCB/75 Arm Unit Right Defeat enemy AC in Defend Ruglen Laboratory.
CEEC-01-XSP2 Extension Beat Eradicate Life Forms without breaking more than two cylinders.
CEBT-HEX Extension Keep transport vehicle alive in Safeguard Alloy Sample.
KWX-OC-22 Back Unit Kill 20 or more enemies in Destroy Germ Canisters.
WMG-KARASAWA Arm Unit Right Beat Destroy Gun Emplacements and Distract Union Defences.
KWS-ES/MIRROR Arm Unit Left Beat Defend Water Processors and Eliminate the Bombers.
MCM-MX/002 Core Kill enemy AC unit in Defend Energy Reactor.
MLB-MOONLIGHT Arm Unit Left Defeat largest enemy in Destroy Massive MT without using a consort.
MWX-MX/STRING Back Unit Beat the game and save after winning.
OP-INTENSIFY Optional Part Beat the game and save after winning.

Company parts:
You get these by accumulating corporate points for that company. The corporate points are those bars next to the company name at the mission screen.

Part Name Part Type Corporate Points Required
MLL-MX/EDGE Legs 6 Mirage points
MWGG-XCG/20 Arm Unit Right 9 Mirage points
MLR-MM/PETAL Legs 12 Mirage points
CAL-44-EAS Arms 8 Crest points
CWX-LIC-10 Back Unit 13 Crest points
CLF-D2-ROG Legs 17 Crest points
OP-E-LAP Optional Part 10 Kisaragi points

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