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Cheat codes for Armored Core 3: Silent Line

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Add defeated AC emblems

Press Select + Start when the victory message appears in the arena to add the defeated AC's emblem to your list.

Defend Lawdas Factory mission: Hidden part

When the big laser destroys the missile in the center of the map, jump down and look for the part. The part is an extension CWEM-RT16.

Defend Mirage HQ mission: Hidden part

When the mission starts, turn around and boost towards the helicopter landing site. Look around the landing site to find the back stealth missile, MWM-SM36.

Defend Solar Power Plant mission: Hidden Part

After you defeat all the enemies on the outside of the power plant, you should get a notice about enemies inside the plant after you enter. Clear the first floor. When you go down the ramp at the end of the first part, you will see a fork. Go to the left. There should be the part at the end of the room. The room is on fire. The hidden part is the KWEL-EJ22 anti-missile.

Destroy AI Prototype mission: Hidden part

On the ground in a small room closed off by destroyable gates is the left arm part KSS-SS/707A.

Destroy Cargo Transport mission: Hidden part

Use a very fast AC for this mission. When you see the first intersection, instead of turning right with the transport, turn left and jump behind the middle barricade and get the part. It is the inside floating mine, CWI-FMHS-30.

Eliminate Bio Weapon mission: Hidden part

At the first room, turn left and keep shooting all over the wall. When you reveal a secret passage, follow it to the part. It is a PRAYYING BLADE.

Eliminate Rioters mission: Hidden part

When you reach the most top level and enter, a box will be destroyed by enemies. On the floor is the inside part KWL-RJ/60.

Explore Unexplored Region mission: Hidden part

Go into the crater to find a plane. Shoot the back end of the plane to destroy that section. Inside the plane is the back part MWC-OC/30.

Infiltrate New Base mission: Hidden part

In a cave in the middle of the map is the extension part MWEM-R/36.

Investigate mission

Go to the first door, unlock the control panel, then search for the second one. In the room where there is a ventilation duct, shoot the duct. Fly up, then go down into the other room it leads to. Destroy all the boxes to find the left arm part KWG-NHZL60.

Protect Part Transport mission: Hidden parts

Wait until the plane lands, then get behind the it. Shoot the back end until the door explodes. Press Circle next to the part to get the right arm part CWG-ARF-180. When the mission starts, turn around and go to the left storage room. Go inside and get the part. It is the left grenade rifle CWGG-GRSL-20.

Search Vilius Laboratory mission: Hidden part

Search the bottom of the deepest pit to find a part guarded by a MT. It is the left arm part MWG-KPL/150.

Secure Fortress NK-432 mission: Hidden parts

Find the room filled with lots of boxes. Do not destroy any boxes with red triangles or any boxes on top of red triangle boxes (the top box destroys the one under it, etc.). The right arm part MWG-GS/80 can now be found on the ground. Use your map near the first target to find a secret passage behind the wall. Destroy that part of the wall and follow the secret passage until you reach a room with one box. Destroy the box to find the head part MHD-MX/BEE

Takeover New Fortress mission: Hidden part

When you battle against the two ACs fly up into the giant hole in the ceiling. When you look up, there should be a pipe that runs from one side to the other. On top of the pipe is the FCS part PLS-SRA02.

Prototype parts

If you use a certain type of leg part (light weight leg, middle weight leg, hover, etc.) for enough missions, a "prototype" part will be unlocked in the shop. The prototypes are usually good. This may also be the case with other parts as well.

Bonus parts

For every mission you get an "A" or "S" rank on, you will get a special bonus part. The following are the other requirements to get bonus parts at the store.

MRL-MM/001: Reach AC rank "D"
MWGG-HNRL-100: Reach AC rank "C"
KAW-SAMURAI2: Reach AC rank "B"
MAM-MX/MDD: Reach AC rank "A"
MBT-NI/GULL: Reach AC rank "S"
CWI-DD-30: Defeat E-21 at the Arena
RGI-KDA01: Defeat E-15 at the Arena
KWG-NHZL30 : Defeat E-8 at the Arena
CWR-M70: Defeat D-7 at the Arena
CWM-BM60-1 : Defeat C-7 at the Arena
MWG-SRFE/8: Defeat B-4 at the Arena
MCL-SS/RAY: Defeat A-3 at the Arena
MWG-MG/FINGER : Defeat A-1 at the Arena
CWM-HA40-8: Defeat rank 1 in Extra Arena
MWG-HGB/108: Rank "S" in all missions
KGP-ZXV1: Complete all missions
CCL-02-EI: Complete 10 missions from Crest
MCM-MI/008: Complete 13 missions from Mirage
KEEP-ELIX: Complete 7 missions from Kisaragi
Op-Intensify (All Abilities): Obtain 99% completion of the game.

Easy money

Find any mission that has an advance payment. Start the mission and immediately abort it. After this is done, you will see your earnings displayed in two boxes. One box is for your new money amount that was earned and one for the deductions for repairs, ammunition, and the special deduction in the event that something was destroyed that was not supposed to. Note that there is no deduction, and you will get the amount that was promised to you in advance. Make sure to save your game before you do this, as the game will end if this is done too many times.

Easy Arena wins

Select the Trene City area. When the battle begins, there is a big building directly in the middle of the Arena floor. Boost up to the top of the building and pummel the opponent AC full of rockets or other types of ammunition that can lock on. If you are unable to boost up the entire way, there is a ledge halfway up. Rest there momentarily, then boost the rest of the way. Weapons that are the most effective are the small rockets and/or vertical missiles. There are some enemies that are too fast to do this to; they move to much to get a lock on. If this happens, when you start, boost West and position yourself in between two buildings very close to the border. Most of the enemy ACs will not go behind because they will lose. They will just move back and forth trying to get a fix, but will not approach you if you are very close to the border. Pop in and out from behind the building and shoot various rockets and missiles as the ACs are moving around. It is slightly time consuming, but a very easy way to boost ranks early. Take your opponent to the Arena stage. Have Hectos Rockets and the left hand grenade launcher equipped. When the battle starts, start stepping backwards, making sure not to turn or alter where the aimer is pointed. Switch weapons to the Hectos Rockets and keep firing those with the grenade launchers. The opponent will just follow your steps, and will not move from the line of fire. If they get too close, start to fight normally; they will have low AP at this point.

Warnings and Tips

There are some things your AC may need to be aware of at any time during a mission or Arena battle.

1- If you have an Exceed Orbit (EO) core, launching the pods can increase your heat, so if your AC is not good with heat, use this wisely.
2- Never equip a vertical missle and a missle canceller. Once you launch the missle, it'll just blow up.
3- OB-INTENSIFY may increase all abilities, but damage will increase.
4- On certain arena battles, Trene City is not the answer. If someone relies on a vertical missle, or anything that requires height, use the parking lot arena to your advantage. (Ex- Carom)
5- Your opponent can actually shoot your weapon out of your hand, so look out.
6- In the Arena, if small missles annoy you, go to Trene City, and rather than scaling the huge building, climb on top of one of the walkways leading to one of the smaller buildings and stay there. You will still at times get hit, but not nearly enough to kill you.

Defeating 3 ACs.

Okay, there's (in my opinion) a very tough mission, in which you need to fight 3 ranking ACs without a break. The first AC, you fight alone, so he's not that tough, but its on an elevator, and you start out on the bottom, while he starts on top. Get the height advantage and he'll be a pushover.

The next two are very tough, because you need to fight them together. I had a little plan of my own, tough.

Buy a Chain gun for your back weapon (for either side or both), and get into the nearest corner. The corner may not seem like such a nice place, but since one AC comes in the fight slightly later, and from the back, it can prove VERY effective. It proves effective, because the strategy for most computer ACs is to get behind you and attack.

In the corner, you can see AND attack everything.

Defeating the super ACs.

Okay, there will be a few mission where you wll encounter some giant-sized AC, with an enormous gun. These are pretty hard to defeat, but some tips can make him much easier.

1- When he shoots at you with his semi-auto rocket launcher, stafle in any clear direction. If you have any speed at all, you should barely outrun it, without getting hurt. Shoot him while you're stafling to inflict major damage.

2- Despite his size and strength, these super ACs are very fast, so Beam Sabers aren't very effective unless they come to you.

3- Don't let his size intimidate you. He may be big, but he's easy.

Weapon-arms usage

Almost all weapon arms can be used in two ways.

ex: SAMURAI2 can be used not only as a sword, but as a wave sword.

ex: Certain guns can switch from rapid fire mode to heavy fire mode, which launches a more powerful, bigger, slower blast.

Shopping tips

Here are some tips that can help you wallet and AC do better.

1- Don't be stingy. You can sell parts back for as high as you bought them, even if used.
2- The best stuff doesn't always cost the most! The cheapest heavy leg type is better than the most expensive in most aspects.
3- The best weapons and parts don't come til a new stock, or some arena advancements, so don't use the AI until they've arrived.

These can really help any new AC3SL player.

Custom Cores

The Armored Core series is best known for its in-depth customization. Here are some ACs that can achieve a "Great" Rating. I use these ACs, some maybe they can help you.

Note: These cost about 1Mil each, so its best to save up.

AC: 1
Default Name: Patriarch
Default Color: Base, Detail and Joint color: Blue 200, Green 100. Optional and Aid color- White.
(No Camoflague)
Head- MHD-MM/007
Core- MCM-MX/002
Booster- CBT-FLEET
Generator- KGP-Z5V
Radiator- RGI-KD99
Inisde- MWI-DD/10
Extension- CSS-IA-645
Back Units- MWC-LQ/15(L)
Arm Unit R- MWG-MG/1000
Optional Parts:
Cost: 1,073,400
Grade: Great

This is a Heavy AC, specializing in Defense AND Offense. This is my Personal Core.

AC: 2
Default Name: Poltergeist
Default Color- Head and Left Arm- Black. Legs and Right Arm- 75 Red (For all). Core- Just mix them up.
(No Camoflague)
Head- MHD-MM/007
Core- CCL-01-NER
Booster- CBT-01-UN4
Generator- KGP-Z5V
Radiator- RGI-KD99
Inisde- None
Extension- CSS-IA-645
Back Units- MWC-LQ/15(x2)
Arm Unit R- None
Arm Unit L- None
Optional Parts:
Cost: 1,104,600
Grade: Great

This is great for those mobility lovers. It excels in its speed, but lacks defense. The SAMURAI2 arms take off a lot of weight.

AC: 3
Default Name: Catalyst
Default Color- Grey(100 Blue, Red, Green) for everything.
(No Camoflague)
Head- MHD-MM/007
Arms- CAM-14-DUSK
Legs- MLM-55/ORC
Booster- CBT-FLEET
Generator- KGP-Z5V
Radiator- RGI-KD99
Inisde- MWI-DD/10
Extension- CSS-IA-645
Back Units- MWC-LQ/15(R)
Arm Unit R- MWG-RF/300
Optional Parts:
Cost: 997,300
Grade: Great

This AC is very balanced, both quick and tough, it tackles the missions that require both skill and strength.

Note- You can change any part, or name, or color. These are just suggestions.


When you get your first payment, don't go spending it on some cheap, slightly better part. The first thing any pilot needs to buy is the gun of his/her choice. Trust me, I use everything from Machine Guns to Rocket Launchers. The starting rifel is basically useless, so get rid of it ASAP.

Defeating the Mystery AC

In one of the last levels, you'll encounter an AC that doesn't look like an AC at all. It looks like some sort of Winged-Metal Angel. An angel is the last thing you'll consider it after seeing what it can do. With unheard of power and agility, it can leave opponents devastated. A good hint on beating it is to NOT RUN SHORT ON FUEL. Don't use EO cores, because oncew you run out, you're a sitting duck. He uses swords, so for those who think they're quick enough to dodge it, think again!

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