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Cheat codes for Armored Core: Nexus

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Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Free Arena" and "Free Missions" options.

Left Hand Karasawa

Finish the game succesfully.

First person view

Reach a 100% completion rating in the Revolution Disk. Then, press Start to pause game play, then hold Select and press Start to resume.

Bonus emblems

Earn an "A" rank in all missions in the indicated episode to unlock the corresponding emblem.

Crescent Moon: Episode 4
Danger: Episode 9
Dark Rider: Episode 12
Fefnir: Episode 8
Fenrir: Episode 5
Milicona: Episode 13
Necron: Episode 14
Nineball: Episode 2
Pink Cat: Episode 3
Rave: Episode 11
Unknown: Episode 6
Shadow: Episode 10
Silver Wolf: Episode 7
Sledge Hammer: Episode 15

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