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Cheat codes for Galactic Wrestling: Featuring Ultimate Muscle

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Play As Big Budo

Win tournament mode as Kevin Mask.

Play As Chojin Kid

Win tournament mode as Kevin Mask.

Play As Devil Buffaloman

Win the tag tournament as King Muscle and Mongolman.

Play As Evil Ricardo

Win tournament mode as Kid Muscle.

Play As Goldman

Successfully complete Kinkeshi mode.

Play As Street Scrapper

Unlock King Muscle then win Mask Hunt mode.

Play As Kid Muscle

Collect 200 Kinkeshi toys and win tournament mode as Kevin Mask.

Play As King Muscle

Win team mode with the following teams (in order) Ramenman, Geronimo, Robin Mask, Poseidon, King Muscle; using this pattern: win one round with the character, lose the next round with that character, then use the next character to win one round, etc. Repeat this cycle until team mode has been completed.

Play As Lord Flash

Win tournament mode as Kevin Mask.

Play As Lord Muscle (black Costume And Terryman Moves)

Win tag tournament mode as King Muscle and Lord Muscle (tan costume and Prince Kame Hame moves)

Play As Mayumi Kinnikuman

Collect 300 Kinkeshi toys and get ten wins in survival mode.

Play As Mr. Barracuda

Win tournament mode as Robin Mask

Play As Neptune King

Win tag tournament mode as Neptuneman and Big The Budo.

Play As Old Sunshine

Collect 100 Kinkeshi toys.

Play As Ramenman

Collect 50 Kinkeshi toys.

Play As Ricardo (submission Artist)

Win Mask Hunt mode.

Play As Rogue Shogun

Unlock King Muscle, then win tag tournament mode as Shivano and Old Sunshine.

Play As Vance Mcmadd

Get ten wins in survival mode.

Alternate Ending Sequence

Unlock a bonus character to change the ending sequence. Each new character will change the ending sequence again.

Final Kinkeshi Mode Machine

After the first five machines are completed, a sixth machine with the final three Kinkeshi will be unlocked.

North American Names

The North American: Japanese version of the characters are as follows.
Barracude: Mr. Barracuda
Beetlebomb: Geronimo
Big Budo: Big The Budo
Bone Cold: Incio
Brocken Jr: Blocken Jr
Buffalo Rampage: Buffaloman
Canadianman: Manitoban
Dik Dik Van Dik: Gazelleman
Eskara/Mars: Scarface/Malice
Gold Rogue: Goldman/Goldmask
Grandpa: Kinniku Diaou
Hanzo: Hanzou
Jeager: Jade
Kid Muscle: Kinniku Mantaro/Kinnikuman Nesei
King Muscle: Kinniku Suguru/Kinnikuman
Lomeinman: Mongolianman
Lord Muscle/Lord Wrangler: Kinnikuman Great
Ninja Ned: The Ninja
Poseidon: Neptune King
Prince Lou Ow: Prince Kamehameha
Rogue Shogun: Akuma Shogun
Shivano: Ashuraman
Skullduggery: Kinkotsuman
Sosumi: Rikishiman/Wolfman
Starface: Pentagon
Street Scrapper: Kenkaman
Sunshine Supreme: Sunshine
Terry Kenyon: Terry The Kid
Vance McMadd: Harabote
Wally Tusket: Sieuchin

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