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Wild Fire

Heres a really cool move, switch to any of your guns. Then start kicking then shoot.

Cheat Mode

Get the indicated amount of orbs while playing a game to unlock one of the following cheatcodes:

5 orbs - Toggle Jak's Goatee
15 orbs - Mirror World
30 orbs - Big head mode
45 orbs - Small Head Mode
55 orbs - Scrap Book
65 orbs - Scene Player Act 1
75 orbs - Vulcan Fury Course
95 orbs - Scene Player Act 2
105 orbs - Peace Maker Gun Course
125 orbs - Scene Player Act 3
135 orbs - Reverse Races
145 orbs - Level Select
155 orbs - Infinite Ammo
165 orbs - Infinite Dark Jak
175 orbs - Invulnerability
200 orbs - Hero Mode [*]

[*] Hero Mode will allow you to start a new game with all four morph gun attachments.

New Look for Bar

Finish the game, and then return to the saloon to find new decorations inside of it.

See Jak and Daxter Posters

Beat the championship race (class 1 race), and then posters of Jak and Daxter can be seen around the stadium area.

Morph-Gun Ammo

Red - Scatter Gun
Yellow - Blaster Weapon
Blue - Vulcan Fury
Purple - Peace Maker

Massive Explosion

This only works when you are in "Dark Jak" mode. When you are in this mode, press X to jump and hit square while you are in the air. This will make Jak come down head first into the ground, causing a massive explosion destroying everything around him. This works really well when you have a lot of metal-heads or any other creatures attacking you.

Ride Elevator To Palace

In the mission: Ride Elevator to Palace, you will come across a place where there are electric blade like things to dodge. After you have passed them, you will find a bunch of tiles that have sparks coming out of them. It is nearky impossible to get across these. Look down to the left. There are some stairs. Go down them, there will be some poles to swing on and that will get you past those.

Continues Punches

This hint is used to defeat enemys faster. First you need to be in Dark Jak form. Then, just keep pressing the square button. In no time, all your enemies will be gone. This is very useful if you're in a hurry.

Hero Mode Extras

When you get in Hero Mode you will start out with all the weapons and you enemies will be a lot stronger. Hero Mode will also has different secrets.

Defeat Baron at palace

This mission directly follows riding up the elevator. You'll get a bird's eye view of the city from here.

Carefully cross the bridge. Look to the left when you get to the electrified section. The next electrified section has a path on the right. Next is rotating cubes with spikes on three of the four sides. Be careful crossing, but you need to be quick as well. Look to the right just after the next cannon for the path. Also be careful for falling platforms. Climb back on top of the pipe. Cross another spike cube and look right for the path past the electrified floor. Work your way forward to the rotating cannons and jump to the platform above them. Use the platforms on the right to climb up. Watch the video. Try to leave and get into a boss fight with the Baron. Chase him through 3 stages. Stage one is weapon fire, stage two is missiles, and stage 3 has fire whirlwinds and Baron charges at you.

After Baron is defeated, follow the passageway to the elevator out of this area.

Ton of Precurser Orbs

When you enter DeadTown use your jet-board to get to the back wall. There you should find a hallway filled with the poisin water. When you go in it you should find a bunch precurser orbs. The end of the hallway should come out at the other side of the wall.

Peacemaker Tricks

When using the peacemaker gun (purple ammo which fire lightning balls) hold R1 to charge gun but not fire. While running, press dash (square) and the gun will whip behind your back, over your shoulder, and down at the ground as you rush foward. The trick itself takes good timing and a bit of practice. If you release R1 at exactly the right time (right after pressing square)the gun will fire straight back. This is good for killing pursuing crimson guards. Other good times to fire include when the gun is halfway between backwards and straight up (hits pursuing cars) or pointing into the ground (hits surrounding enemies). This trick is more effective (and fun) when you have infinite ammo.

Long High Jump

While doing a rolling turbo long jump, right before you land, jump again to get a very high jump.

Easy Orbs

After you have gotten the hoverboard go to any place that has water or the mud zaping stuff or dark eco. You can hover over it.

Defense Vehicle

When you are around to many Krimzon Gaurds with guns, get in the nearest vehicle. They will still shoot at you but the vehicle will protect you from the gun fire like shield . This is useful when you have low health.

See Ratchet & Clank posters

When your going to the city with a long ditch of water coming from the field to the race stadium. Ther should be a poster of Ratchet and Clank Going Commando near the field.

Infinite Orbs

For any Underground Orb mission, if you grab the Orb at exactly 0:00, you'll get a ''Mission Failed'' and also the 3 Orbs you won. If you choose to try again, you can do this over and over and keep obtaining 3 more Orbs.

Weird Death

While in the Water Slums, send a zoomer under a building. Next, get off the zoomer and try to get on again. If done correctly, you'll go into the water and sink til you die. You'll come back though.

Dark Jak vs Final Boss

After the cutscene before the final battle, hold R1 and you'll transform (or stay as) Dark Jak, regardless of Dark Eco meter.

Guard Announce

Go up to a guard and jump on his head he will try to hit you.You can do this as many times as you want and you wont get caught.

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