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Cheat codes for X-Files: Resist or Serve

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How To Defuse Bomb

In the beginning of act two for red falls you will go to a building where you'll take a train. Before you can leave you'll have to activate the power. Kill the zombie. All you'll have to do is flip the switch in the back, then flip the switch on the control panal, then just flip the switch in the back one more time to give power to the train. But before you get into the train check the body of the zombie in the control room. You will find fingerprint liquid. Use this liquid on the bomb and it will show you the three digit number. This number will defuse the bomb.

Unlimited First Aid Kits

When making the optical disc in Episode 2, if you type in the Chris Barnes code first, you will get a first aid kit. You can type it in as many times as desired.

Unlimited Ammo

Enter L1, L2, X, R2, R1 as a code.

One shot kills

Enter Circle, L2, Down, R1, X as a code.

Unlock all acts

Enter R2, Right, L2, Up, Square as a code.

How to kill Hector without getting hurt

When you play Scully and and you go into a garage, press the button on the wall to lift the car then quickly press it again to make the car come crashing down onto Hector. Do this three times and he will be dead.

How to kill all 5 zombies in the padded cells

After killing the 2 zombies coming your way on the right, enter the room with two white-grey double doors. When the room is finished loading, pick up the medi-kit on the desk and go to the other side of the room. Press the button and quickly run to the first padded cell to your left (no zombie is in that cell), then go behind the door and the zombies with be on the other side. They will fight each other and kill each other, one may be left alive. But you must like run into the wall when you are behind the door so they can't get you through the door. Then dash the last zombie (if there are two left leave them to fight) and make a run for the top cell with the dead man and pick up a key.

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