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Cheat codes for Air Force Delta

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Bonus Fighters

Successfully complete all twenty missions to unlock the following fighters: Sea Harrier, AV-8B Harrier II, F/A-18C Hornet, F-15E Strike Eagle, Su-27B Flanker, Su-34 Platypus, S-37 Berkut, MiG-1.44 MFI.

EE Lightning

Beat the game on hard to earn one more plane in the shopping screen, the EE Lighting.

Special Options

Successfully complete all twenty missions under the normal difficulty setting to unlock a "Special" selection on the options menu. The new options allow unlimited missiles and the HUD display to be removed.

Quick Money

Shoot down any required aerial target with guns and not missles and the bounty you get for it doubles.

Crash Protection

Many times when you're flying through an area with a lot of buildings or other objects in the way, you'll crash into them. Not anymore. If you are about to fly into something, quickly pause the game and change your view by pressing Y & B at the same time. When you unpause the game, you will fly safely through the building without even a scratch.

Unlock Unlimited Missiles & Options

Finish the 20 missions using normal difficulty to get a Special setting on the options menu

5x Money

At the start of the game, at mission select.Press A+X+B+L+R and start.f done correctly you will hear a plane crash to comfirm the code.

All planes, all training done

At the name input screen type in IRA for a name, and put male for gender. This will give you all the planes, including a buggy and dolphin. Also it in the training mission you passed them all at 100/1000

Never lose money

After each mission save your game. If you lose your plane in the following mission, reload what you saved and you'll have the plane you just lost and the same amount of money.

Get Commander's Jet on Very Easy Mode

When you fight the commander on the last level, hit him twice with missiles and then gun him down with machine guns. After you save your game you will be able to buy the commander's plane

An Extra Plane

Overcome mission 20 on the hard game setting and you will recieve the plane you just shot down.

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