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Cheat codes for MDK 2

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Slow Motion

Start a game as Max, hold Fire and press Up, Up, Up, Up.

Kurt Wearing Only Boxers

At the Main Menu, hold L + R and press X, X, Y, X.

Indy 500 Camera View

Pause gameplay, hold L + R and press B, A, B, A.

Full Pause Screen

Pause gameplay and press X + Y.

Game music

Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.

Hidden artwork and sounds

Place the game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive to find .JPG images, .WAV sounds, and .MP3 blooper tracks from the game in the "mdk2" directory.

Mixed character

Pause game play, then hold L + R and press Up, Down, Right, Left, A, Y, B, X, X + Start to play as a character that is part Kurt, Max, and Doctor Hawkins.

Crazy camera views

Pause game play, then hold L + R and press A, B, A, B.


Start the Dreamcast without a disc to access the audio CD player. Insert the game disc and play tracks two and above to hear 31 techno music tracks from the game.

Fart sounds from Doctor Hawkins

Begin game play as Doctor Hawkins, then press L + R + Left + A.

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