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Cheat codes for Adventures Of The Buckaroo Banzai

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Watermelon Talk

Select [Special Features] then select [Deleted Scenes] and scroll down to [Special Features]. Use the [Left] arrow key and the watermelon icon will be highlighted. Select [More] and it will bring you to second page. Hit the [Up] arrow and it will highlight the BB. This will talk about the watermelon in the movie.

Alternate DVD Covers

For dvd cover, select [Special Features] and scroll down with the arrow key to the bottom. Select [More]. Select [Banzi Institute Archives] then scroll down again with arrow key to [Special Features]. Use the [Right] arrow and it will highlight the bb icon and that will show you the alternative covers.

Hidden Newspaper Article

From the [Main Menu], go to [Special Features] and then to [Deleted Scenes]. Highlight the [Special Features] entry at the bottom of the screen and then press the [Left] arrow to highlight the watermelon. Click on it to see a newspaper article about Perfect Tommy.

Movie Quotes

On the disc's [Main Menu], highlight and click on the car to the left of the screen for a list of quotes from the movie.

Alternate DVD Menu Designs

Highlight the same car on the [Main Menu], and then press the [Left] arrow once again. A yellow button in the top left corner will now be highlighted. Click on it for a look at the disc's original and abandoned menu designs.

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