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Cheat codes for Nanosaur

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Pass Lava Safely

You can cross the lava safer by walking along the edge of the surrounding mountains.

Cheat Codes

During Level 1, press the following function key combinations to activate the corresponding cheats:

F12 + F4 = Win the Game
F12 + F5 = Get Feul
F12 + F2 = All Weapons
F12 + F3 = Get Shields
F12 + F1 = Full Health

All Weapons at the Beginning

While at the beginning of the game, you can obtain everything easier than jumping to the cliff side. Go to a platform that has a nuke weapon and a green bush on top( It no the one near the lava). Jump on the platform, then the greenbush, then double jump. You will obtain full health, the barrier, full jet fuel, 999 shots for all weapons, but not the eggs.

Jet Pack Fuel

To fill up the Jet Pack, do a double jump from the face of a mountain! A shield will surround you while your pack is being refueled.

Free Shield

When you encounter a low-flying pterodactyl about to dive at you, jump on its back. If you succeed in doing this, wait until you go really high and you will get a shield. To get off, just jump.

Free Ride

Ever had trouble getting through areas with lots of dinosaurs without losing half of your life? Here's a tip that will get you through.
NOTE: You need to be a very accurate jumper to achieve this feat.
Find a T-Rex, Low-flying Pterodactyl, or a Tricerotops. Jump onto their back, but stay away from the head. If you land in the middle of their back, you can ride them. However, if you land on their head, you will lose life. You can't achieve this trick with the spitters or the Stegasauruses.

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