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Cheat codes for Quake

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To acess codes, while in game hit the ~ (tidle) key.
Registered 1=makes game think it is registered(will quit if you go through the gate)
God=god mode
Map E1m?=warp to ? map (enter # for ?)
Noclip=you can walk through walls
Impulse 255=quad damage mode
Fly=you can fly using d,c keys
Give ?=give weapon (enter # for ?)
Give s ?=give shotgun shells (replace ? with # 255 or lower)
Give c ?=give full battery charge(replace ? with # 255 or lower)
Give r ?=give rockets(replace ? with # 255 or lower)
Give n ?=give nails(replace ? with # 255 or lower)
Give health ?=gives health(replace ? with # 999 or lower)
Impulse -1=quad damage mode
Impulse 0=nothing for now
Impulse 1=shotgun
Impulse 2=supershotgun
Impulse 3=nailgun
Impulse 4=chainnailgun
Impulse 5=grenade launcher
Impulse 6=rocket launcher
Impulse 9=give all weapons and maximal ammo
Impulse 11=gives jewels (1 each time, 4 times for all)
Sv_gravity -50=reduced gravity (replace with any #)
Screenshot=takes a screenshot
Sv_maxspeed=max game speed

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