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Cheat codes for Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

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Level Passwords

Level - Password

1 - [Pac-Man icon]WFTW5W
2 - [Pac-Man icon]WGW45W
3 - [Pac-Man icon]WFTWX4
Gum Monster - 9YGZ11P

Display Percentage Completed

Hold Select and press X at the item screen.

Sound Test

Enter BGMRQST as a password.

Pattern Test

Enter PCMNPTT as a password.

Mine Cart Level

Enter FFTDB2W as a password.

Ms. Pac-Man Game

Enter MSPCMND as a password.

Pac-Man Game

Enter PCMMDPW as a password.

Time Trial Mode

Enter TRLMDPW as a password.

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