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Cheat codes for 3Xtreme

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Be Geep (97%Bikeracer stats)

Go down to memory card and press right then press X. Earse everything until code screen is clear by hitting square. The type in the word Geep. Then hit X again. Then go up to new season or continue season. Then hit X. Then press right until you see the alien on the screen. Then hit X when you see the alien then on the next screen hit X.

All Alien Characters

Go to the memory card section on the main screen and press left or right.After doing this it should read "codes" press enter and it will say 3extreme. Now you need to erase it by pressing square repeatedly and then by using the directional pad. Alright now you should type in ASTROMEN and you should hear a chime noise then you can play.

All Racers

At the menu screen go to memory card then press right or left and press X. Then type the following codes.

Grinds - All Racers
Red - Use Redcar

Play as blue car

Go to the memory card selection at the main screen and press left. It will now say codes. enter bluecar. make sure there is no spaces. You can now play as a blue car in any kind of race.

Various Cheats

ASTROMENAll Alien Characters
RATPACKAll Human Characters
SCREAMAll Monster Characters
GENEPOOLAll Characters
TRIXXYAll Freestyle Tracks
VOUYEURAll Exhibition Tracks
DOMINIQUEPlay as Dominique
TPPlay as TP
LUGNUTPlay as Lug Nut
GEEPPlay as Geep
NYUBPlay as Nyub
BINKPlay as Bink
REDCARPlay as Red the Car
BLUECARPlay as Blue the Car
WHITECARPlay as White the Car

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