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Cheat codes for X-Men vs. Street Fighter

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Random character select

Highlight Wolverine and hold Down/Left on the character selection screen to choose a random character for player one. For player two, highlight Ken.

Fight as Street Fighter Alpha 2 version of Chun Li

Highlight Chun Li on the character selection screen. Hold Select for at least five seconds and press any button.

Fight as Gouki

Highlight Magneto, Juggernaut, Dhalsim, or Vega and press Up at the character selection screen.

Hidden Options

Enter Triangle,Triangle,Right,O,L1. Keep trying to activate the code. An EX OPTION will come leting you change you GAUGE AND MODE EX AND ORIGINAL.pick original and go to VS and the tag-team should be the opposite of the1p Team,EX--Player 1--Cyclop,Ryu, Player2--Ryu,Cyclops.

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