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Cheat codes for Captain Quazar

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Captain Quazar Disappearing Walls
Pause the game, then press R, L, B, B, B, R, L, Up. Any walls near Captain Quasar will disappear for a short amount of time.

Captain Quazar Instant Refill
While paused press L, R, L, R, L, B. You should hear Captain Quazar say "Whoahoho!"

Captain Quazar Subliminal Messages
Carefully watch the briefing to Mission 2. Green pictures of the mission objectives will be displayed. When the screen zooms in towards one of the will appear. The following phrase will quickly flash in the static: "MUST BUY BATTLESPORT."

Captain Quazar Teleporter Codes
Use these codes in any teleporter on the relevent level.
Level 1
BBBBBBBBCCCCCCCCBBAAAABBCCACBCBB First spice refineryCCABACBC Second spice refineryBABAABBAABCBCCAB Hidden rocket siteBACACABA Money fort
Level 2
ABABBABABBAABBAA Salt minesCCBCCACC Diamonds and forcefield
Level 3

Captain Quazar Game Guru Level Select
These codes require a Game Guru. To use them, apply one of the following codes to your saved game to warp to the desired level.

Captain Quazar Game Guru Cheat Codes
These codes require a Game Guru.
Effect          Code$16,777,215     IFFEEDDIXXF9 Lives         LKXCXXF99 Lives        LVMCXXF99 Continues    LVMXWXF

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