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Cheat codes for Out of This World

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Out of This World Hidden Image
To check out an Out of This World cartoon image, press L + R when the game's demo sequence is playing. Continue holding these through the "Start" screen for a visual treat.

Out of This World Passwords
Help Conrad find his way through this alien landscape with these passwords.Level Password Level Password1 LDKD 8 KLFB2 HTDC 9 BFLX3 CLLD 10 BRTD4 LBKG 11 TFBB5 XDDJ 12 TXHF6 FXLC 13 CKJL7 KFRK 14 LFCK

Out of This World Secret Game
To play a hidden Break-Out-style game called "Stalactites," enter the following password: BRGR

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