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Cheat codes for Arena Skateboarding

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Arena Skateboarding Free Games
Insert the amount of quarterstokens needed. Now when selecting a skater kick the nose of the simulation board, then the tail 3 times the nose 2, hit the choose on the right side 3 times then hit the choose button on the left side once. Pick the smallest or lagest skater (in highth) Of the 3rd jump hit the tail of the simulated board and hold it for ABOUT as long as your in the air. when you cross the finish line if you've done the code correctly the music will continuie instead of stopping (or vice versa on some machines) and it will say on the screen FREE GAME and the speakers will say it in Japanise, Italian, French, or German depending on the third jump. Plus if you do the 3rd jump for exactly 11 seconds you will get to play as the characters below:Bum (Male)Bum (Female)DogJetRobberCop (eats Donuts when you pick up time bonuses)Grim ReaperChuckieJasonSub-ZeroDuke Nukemor the normal characters.Repeat this code as many times as you like!

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