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Cheat codes for Beatmania IIDX

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Beatmania IIDX Special Course in Expert Mode
Before you put in your money, set the EFFECTOR "down, up, down, up, down"from left to right. Put in your money, HOLD the EFFECT AND VEFX button andpress START. You will then be able to choose Special course in Expert mode.

Beatmania IIDX Another Course in Expert mode
Same as the way to choose special course, before put in the money, set theEFFECTOR LEVER "down,up, down, up, down" from left to right then put in themoney,HOLD the EFFECTOR and VEFX button and press START, Special Course canbe choose from expert mode. move to 'SPECIAL COURSE' and change theEFFECTOR LEVER to 'up, down, down, down, down' and hold the EFFECTOR andVEFX button again, then start. If it succeed, instead of 'R3' you will playthe song 'Dance Pop'.

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