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Cheat codes for Bubble Bobble

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Super Bubble Bobble
For harder bad guys, at the title screen press: shoot, jump, shoot, jump, shoot, jump, right,then the 2p start button. "Super" should appear above the title if you did it correctly.

Bubble Bobble Unlimited run and rapid fire
At the main title screen enter: Left, Jump, Left, Start, Left, Fire, Left, Up, Start. If this is done correctly there will be a message in the bottom left corner of the title screen a red "POWER UP!". NOTE: This code will not work if the cheat option dip switch has been turned off.

Original Bubble Bobble
At the title screen press:
Shoot, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Shoot, Jump, Right, Start buttons for player one.It will say at the bottom of screen: ORIGINAL GAME. The game will give the PORTALS in some screens,if you can get in them you will get LOADS of diamonds.

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