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Cheat codes for California Speed

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California Speed Change Vehicle Color
At the car select screen, press the third VIEW button.

California Speed Mirrored Tracks
At the track selection screen hold down all three view buttons.

California Speed More Cars
At the car selection screen press the 1st view button to move up through a line of cars and press the 2nd view to go back.

California Speed Fruit Attack
If you get ahead of someone tap your gas pedal and the START button simultaneously to throw fruit at the driver behind you. This is pointless but fun.

California Speed Bonus Cars
Set your transmission number to 1, then press RADIO in the car selection screen to change one car from each row into a different vehicle.

California Speed Golf Cart
To drive the wickedly fast Golf Cart, use second View Select button at the vehicle selection screen to get to the back row. Then turn the steering wheel to select the car on the left.

California Speed See Release Date
To see the release date for California Speed,hold down all view buttons andthe radio and start buttons.

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