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Cheat codes for Crazy Taxi

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Crazy Taxi Start Game from Lookout Tower
To begin at the lookout tower, hold the gearshift in reverse while selecting a driver. Push Start. Then release the lever.

Crazy Taxi Pickup Swimmer at Beach
Snorkeling near the reefs outlying the west beach is a customer... But to pick her up, you'll have to drive into the ocean!
Here are the cabby's directions to the beach:
  • At the beginning of the game, grab the person who's nearest to you. (She will want to be taken to the cable car stop.)
  • After arriving at her destination, let her out and make a sharp left.
  • Snatch the customer with the outrageously large hat. (She will ask to be taken to the West Side Beach.)
  • When you have arrived at the beach, drop her off and head straight into the water!

Crazy Taxi Power Slides
Like reckless driving (i.e., 'Crazy Throughs'), power-slides can increase your fare. To power-slide, suddenly throw the car into reverse then back into drive again while sharply turning the steering wheel.

Crazy Taxi Crazy Dash
While moving forward, release both pedals. Put the car in "Reverse". Then put it in "Drive" and press the accelerator. (If done correctly, the taxi will instantly reach its top speed.) Crazy Dashes are best used after accidents or after collecting fares.

Crazy Taxi $975 fare
Make your way up to the roof of the parking garage by driving up the ramp at one of its corners. To the left, standing on a giant umbrella is an old lady. Let her hop aboard. She will ask you to take her to the police station and pay you a whopping $975!

Crazy Taxi $700 first fare
At the beginning of the game, instead of driving forward, drive in reverse. Pick up the customer. She will pay $700 for a ride to the bottom of the hill!

Crazy Taxi Ride a motorcycle
  1. Insert coin(s).
  2. Press (and hold) the accelerator and brake pedals.
  3. Push Start.
  4. Push gearshift up.
  5. Release accelerator and brake pedals.
  6. Choose driver.
  7. Push gearshift down.
  8. Press Start.

Crazy Taxi Crazy Rocket
While the car is stopped to pick up or drop off a customer, press the brake pedal. Pull gearshift back to "Reverse". As soon as the animated sequence has completed (and you can control the car), put the gearshift back into "Drive" while pressing the accelerator.

Crazy Taxi Reverse Route
Before you press the Start Button hold the Gear Selector in Reverse while holding the Brake and the Accellerator. When you start the level your taxi will be facing the opposite direction. This will force you to take an entirely different route.

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