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Cheat codes for Darkstalkers III: Jedahs Damnation

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Darkstalkers III: Jedah's Damnation Special Attacks for Q-Bee
Dark Power
Tap simultaneously Jab Punch and Short Kick and ForwardKick, or Fierce Punch and Roundhouse Kick
Super Moves
QJ: move joystick forward, down. forward-down (diagonal) and simultaneouslypress any two punch buttons
+B: move joystick back, back-down (diagonal), down, down-forward (diagonal), and forward and then, simultaneously press any two kick buttons
Special Moves:
C-R: move joystick back, back-down (diagonal), down, down-forward(diagonal), and forward and press and punch button. This move can also bedone in the air.
Triangle A: move the joystick down, down-back (diagonal), back, and anykick button. this move can be done in the air
SXP: press any kick button rapidly
Guard Cancel: push joystick forward, down, down-right (diagonal) and press any kick button
Slinger Spear: when in close, press forward, forward-down (diagonal), down,down-back (diagonal), back, and press strong punch or Fierce punch.

Darkstalkers III: Jedah's Damnation Fight Hannya
To fight against Hannya (Evil Bishamon), chose the punch color if you are on the 1st side or the kick color if you are on the second side. Then end the game without losing a single round. You also needto get 3 ex super or Darkforce finishes. if done correctly, Hannya should challenge you after your last boss.

Darkstalkers III: Jedah's Damnation Play as Jon Talbain from NightWarriors
To play as the Night Warriors version of Jon Talbain, press and hold START, move to him then press all three punches or kicks.

Darkstalkers III: Jedah's Damnation Shadow Mode
At the fighter-select screen, put your cursor over the random "?" box at the bottom. Press Start five times, holding the button on the fifth press. While holding start, simultaneously press all three punch buttons. You will become your last opponent when you defeat him/her.

Darkstalkers III: Jedah's Damnation Play as the Person You Defeat
At the fighter select screen, put your cursor over the random "?" box at the bottom. Press START five times, and hold it on the fifth time. While still holding START, simultaneously press all three PUNCH buttons. Whichever fighter you defeat in the next round, you will play as in the following round.

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