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Cheat codes for Dead or Alive 2

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Dead or Alive 2 Replay Rewind
Pressing Free+Kick during the "KO" sequence will allow you to rewind the replay sequence with the Punch button.

Dead or Alive 2 High School Uniforms
Insert a coin. Hold down the Punch & Kick buttons.Press Start while holding down Punch & Kick.You can now select the Japanese High School Uniforms for Kasumi and Ayane!

Dead or Alive 2 Select Win Pose
Holding Punch+Kick, Free+Punch, or Free+Kick during the replay will allowyou to select your win pose.

Dead or Alive 2 Controlling camera during win pose
After winning a bout in either Single or Time Attack mode, hold down Punchafter the replay finishes. You will then be able to move the camera aroundusing the stick. Keep holding down Punch while moving the stick. Freewill zoom into your fighter, while Kick will zoom out. The onlylimitations to camera movement are that you cannot look directly above orbelow your fighter.

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