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Combat Corner Warps
Move your tank into one of the corners along the edges of the screen, flush up against the clockwise wall (the one to your right if you point into the corner), and face the counterclockwise wall (such that you have one wall to your right and the other in front of you). Now push your stick up, and you'll start bumping into the wall in front of you. Then move your stick to the up-left diagonal. Your tank will turn left slightly, bump into the wall in front of you, and get moved back through the wall to your right a little bit, and deposited in the next corner counter-clockwise from you (which can be at the far side of the screen). This can be used strategically.

Combat Dancing Tanks
Get the tanks together and set things up so one's turret is flat against the other tank, turn the tank so the turret runs into the other tank and both tanks will sometimes go spinning in circles.

Combat Flying Tanks
Pick game 9. Rotate left player's tank 180 degrees, and fire. The shot will ricochet around and hit the opposing tank, causing both tanks start flying to the left, scrolling the screen 3-4 times, then stopping. Using the right player's tank in the procedure will cause the two tanks to switch sides.

Combat Long Distance Shots
Holding down RESET and the fire button lets your shot travel all the way across the screen.

Combat Warp Speed
Open up your joystick and push down on all the contacts to let your tank do warp speed. A similar effect can also be done by plugging in paddle controllers and pressing both buttons.

Combat Warping Shots
Positioning your tank just right and firing into the upper left corner causes your shot to "warp" and come out from the top right corner.

Combat Curving Cannonballs
When using Tank 1-5, you can make your cannonballs curve. Fire the cannon then quickly turn your tank. The ball will move in the direction you turn.

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