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Cheat codes for Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong Faster Movement on Ladders
When climbing a ladder (up or down), push in the desired direction, briefly. Then let the stick center and move again. You will move twice as fast the second time.

Turn Donkey Kong's Face Brown
On the "elevator" screen, climb all the way to the top and approach Donkey Kong. Stop at the second ladder (the one closest to D.K.). Climb the ladder if it will let you, otherwise jump. You will see D.K.'s face turn brown.

Donkey Kong Level Warp
To automatically warp to stage two, on stage one walk up to first ladder. Climb the ladder halfways, then climb back down. Now walk two steps back, then push ahead and jump at the same time. This should allow Mario to fall right through the bottom of the screen and end up at stage two.

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