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Cheat codes for 4 Wheel Thunder

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4 Wheel Thunder Gameshark Codes
Infinite Cash 821B8F2A00000010
999 Points P1 1FB414BB000003E7

4 Wheel Thunder Jackpot Cheat
After finishing a race in Championship mode, save your game in case a you get to try for the jackpot. If you don't win it on the first try, simply reload your game in the options menu and keep trying until you win.

4 Wheel Thunder Extra Tracks
Complete championship mode to unlock 6 more tracks, arcade mode for 8 more tracks, and indoor mode for 5 more tracks.

4 Wheel Thunder Three new trucks
Complete championship, arcade, and indoor modes to unlock one new truck for each game mode completed.

4 Wheel Thunder Full pause screen
As with most other Dreamcast games, hit X+Y at the pause screen to remove the menus from view.

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