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Cheat codes for Cannon Spike

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Cannon Spike Hidden Characters
Unlocking the two hidden characters in the game is actually quite easy. Tobe able to play as either Mega Man or B. B. Hood (a little girl that lookslike red riding hood and carries an arsenal in here basket and rides ascooter) all you have to do is beat the game. You can beat the game usingany character and on any difficulty level. Once the characters are unlockedyou select them by pressing right or left, off the screen at the characterselect screen.

Cannon Spike Hidden Gallery Mode
Again all you have to do is beat the game once using any character and onany difficulty level (we suggest the easiest level to make it go quick) andwhen you get to the Main Menu just through the menu until the Gallery ishighlighted. Now just select it to see all kinds of character art and otherart bits from the game. It's actually pretty cool since you can zoom in onthe art and check all the details.

Cannon Spike Cammy's Alternate Outfit
Cammy is the only character in the game with an alternate outfit.

To select it go to the Character Select screen and then highlight Cammy. Now press Upor Down to make the new costume appear.

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