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Cheat codes for Mortal Kombat Gold

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Mortal Kombat Gold Alternate Costumes
Highlight a character and press Start. This will change the color and/orthe costume. this can be done to a character 3 times before your back at the1st costume.

Mortal Kombat Gold Play as Goro, Sektor and Noob Saibot
GORO- Highlight "HIDDEN" at the bottom of the character selection screen &press "L" trigger & "R" trigger. Continue to hold these buttons & press Up,left, A.
SEKTOR- Highlight "HIDDEN" at the bottom of the character selection screen& press "L" trigger & "R" trigger. Continue to hold these buttons & pressUp,Up, Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, A.
NOOB SAIBOT- Highlight "HIDDEN" at the bottom of the character selectionscreen & press "L" trigger & "R" trigger. Continue to hold these buttons &press Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, A.

Mortal Kombat Gold Play as Goro, Sektor, and Nood Saibot: Alternate Method
Goro: Beat the game with Shinnok. At the character select screen pickHidden. Then, pick Shinnok by pressing Run+Block.
Noob Saibot: Beat the game with Reiko. At the versus screen enter NoobSaibot Mode (012-012). At the character select screen pick Hidden. Thenpick Reiko by pressing Run+Block.
Sektor: Beat the game with Cyrax. At the character select screen pickHidden. Then, pick Cyrax by pressing Run+Block.

Mortal Kombat Gold View Character's Bios
Go to "Kombat Theater", Highlight the character's bio you want to view.Now press "L" + "R" triggers!Highlighting the opening sequence will show you Goro's bio.

Mortal Kombat Gold Kombat Kodes
Enter one of the following codes at the versus mode screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. There are two three-digit iconboxes at the bottom of the screen. The first icon in each box is controlled with Low Punch, the second with Block, and the third with Low Kick.
One-hit win 123 123 Noob Saibot mode 012 012 Red Rain (On the Rain stage) 020 020 Explosive Kombat 050 050 Drawn weapons can not be lost 002 002 Disable throws 100 100 Disable max damage 010 010 Disable throws and max damage 110 110 Random weapon appears 111 111 Start with random weapon 222 222 Start with weapons drawn 444 444 Many weapons 555 555 Silent Kombat 666 666 Big heads 321 321 Fight in Goro's Lair (Spike Pit) 011 011 Fight in The Well (Scorpion's Stage) 022 022 Fight in Elder God's (Blue Face) stage 033 033 Fight in Tomb Stage 044 044 Fight in Rain Stage 055 055 Fight in Snake Stage 066 066 Fight in Shaolin Temple 101 101 Fight in Living Forest 202 202 Fight in Prison (Fan Stage) 303 303 Fight in Ice Pit 313 313

Mortal Kombat Gold Reptile Glitch
In a two player battle between reptile and any other fighter have reptiledo his acid spit and have the other player jump over reptiles head. if yourtiming was right reptiles acid should have come out the back of his headinstead of his mouth.(note: this can be done in one player and is really affective but muchharder to do.)

Mortal Kombat Gold Pit Fatality Glitch
Enter the code for the Cheat Menu. With this enabled, turn on your "PitFatality" Cheat. When you go to do a Pit Fatality, with the Cheat turnedon, Press and Hold:Down+Y+X+B+A. Keep them held down until you see your opponent fall off thespikes. Then you will hear the ever famous "Toasty".

Mortal Kombat Gold Cheat Menu
At the "Press Start Button" screen, quickly press Up(2x), Down(2x), Left(2x), Right(2x). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a laughand the word "Outstanding" will be spoken. Press Start to enter the main menu, then highlight the "ARCADE" selection and press L + R to display a cheat menu with the following options:
Easy Endings: Enable the "Easy Endings" option on the cheat menu. Then to see a character's ending, start a game in arcade mode and defeat just one character.
Fatal 1: Enable the "Fatal 1" option on the cheat menu. Then to finish your opponent, press High Punch. This will let any character perform their first fatality.
Fatal 2: Enable the "Fatal 2" option on the cheat menu. Then to finish your opponent, press Low Punch. This will let any character perform their second fatality.
Pit Fatal: Enable the "Pit Fatal" option on the cheat menu. Then to finish your opponent, hold Down and press High Punch. This will let any character perform their level fatality.
Danger: Enable the "Danger" option on the cheat menu. Then, both characters health bars will be very low, enabling one-hit deaths.
Kombat Kode:Allows the following cheats to be activated:
0: No Kode 1: Big Heads 2: Throwing Disabled 3: Max Damage Disabled 4: Max/Throw Disabled 5: Unlimited Run 6: Free Weapon 7: Random Weapons 8: Armed & Dangerous 9: Many Weapons 10: Silent Kombat 11: Explosive Kombat 12: No Power 13: No Rain 14: Weapon Kombat 15: Noob Saibot Mode 16: Red Rain 17: Goro's Lair 18: The Well 19: Elder Gods 20: The Tomb 21: Wind World 22: Reptile's Lair 23: Shaolin Temple 24: Living Forest 25: Prison 26: Ice Pit 27: The Church 28: The Netherrealm 29: The Soul Chamber 30: Ladder Stage

Mortal Kombat Gold Switch Your Opponent Order In Arcade Mode
To be able to do this you have to pick the arcade mode. Pick yourfighter, and then choose your destiny, but dont press "a" yet. press start,and then the tower will rotate and your opponents will change.

Mortal Kombat Gold Play as Meat
Start a two player game(one-on-one kombat, and two-on-two kombat will bothwork). Both players need to select the Group Mode option. Then oneplayer(first and second player will work) must when twenty consecutivematches against each other. Once all of this is complete Meat willbecome the new character of the player who won twenty consecutive matches.*Meat uses your previous character's moves*

Mortal Kombat Gold Gameshark Codes
P1 Start With 99 Wins AFE05BD2C0705041
P1 No Overall Wins AFE35BD200000000
P2 No Overall Wins EFA712D700000000
P2 Start With 99 Wins EFA412D7C0705041
Infinite Health P1 591F7D1400003F7F
Infinite Health P2 84FB874300003F7F
Low Health P1 591F7D1400000001
P1 One Win Needed 75A6D941C0705041
P1 Never Wins 75A5D94100000000
P2 One Win Needed CDC8EDBBC0705041
P2 Never Wins CDCBEDBB00000000
Danger Mode 18E41C5200000001
Easy Endings 90C8003400000001
High Punch Fatality EEF7125700000001
Low Punch Fatality 2E67698600000001
Down+High Punch Pit Fatality 7735D9C100000001
Kode: Throwing Disabled BE06304E00000002
Kode: Max Damage Disabled BE06304E00000003
Kode: Max/Throw Disabled BE06304E00000004
Kode: Unlimited Run BE06304E00000005
Kode: Free Weapon BE06304E00000006
Kode: Random Weapons BE06304E00000007
Kode: Armed & Dangerous BE06304E00000008
Kode: Many Weapons BE06304E00000009
Kode: Silent Kombat BE06304E0000000A
Kode: Explosive Kombat BE06304E0000000B
Kode: No Power BE06304E0000000C
Kode: Weapon Kombat BE06304E0000000E
Kode: Noob Saibot Mode BE06304E0000000F
Kode: Red Rain BE06304E00000010
Kode: Goro's Lair BE06304E00000011
Kode: The Well BE06304E00000012
Kode: The Tomb BE06304E00000014
Kode: Wind World BE06304E00000015
Kode: Reptile's Lair BE06304E00000016
Kode: Shaolin Temple BE06304E00000017
Kode: Living Forest BE06304E00000018
Kode: Prison BE06304E00000019
Kode: Ice Pit BE06304E0000001A
Kode: The Church BE06304E0000001B
Kode: The Soul Chamber BE06304E0000001D
Kode: Ladder Stage BE06304E0000001E
P1 Play As Goro 5BC77D140000000F
P1 Play As Noob Saibot 5BC77D1400000011
P1 Play As Sektor 5BC77D1400000016
P2 Play As Goro D328899C0000000F
P2 Play As Noob Saibot D328899C00000011
P2 Play As Sektor D328899C00000016
P1 Play As Meat 8693874300000001
P2 Play As Meat D398899C00000001
Infinite Time FA199C1F00000063
Sudden Death Mode P1 FA1A9C1F00705040
Sudden Death Mode P2 FA1A9C1F00705040

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