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Cheat codes for NHL 2K

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NHL 2K Special Wayne Gretzky Message
To pay your own tribute to The Great One, simply create a player using the name "Wayne Gretzky" to see the message "Thanks for the Memories" on the player photo area.

NHL 2K Picture of any NHL star in the stats area
Just as with the Wayne Gretzky code, create a character with the correct name of any current NHL star see his picture on the edit lines screen.

NHL 2K Big Head Mode
At the "Black Box" screen or the first screens before or after it, press B,B,X on CONTROLLER D (a controller in the 4th plug).

NHL 2K Easy Goal Trick
Go around the goal on the left. Exit around the right. The goalie will follow by putting himself on the right side of the goal. Either shoot or pass to someone on the left. If you pass, shoot right away before the goalie can move.

NHL 2K Black Box team
To get the black box team at the black box title in controller port D hold down L and R and press B,A,B,Y and get the best team in the game.

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