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Cheat codes for Quake III: Arena

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Quake III: Arena Console Commands
These console commands are not considered "cheats" but merely alternate ways to perform certain useful functions in the game. To perform these functions you will need a Dreamcast Keyboard and a Dreamcast Mouse. Start a game as normal, while in the game hit the ~ button one time, this will access the game's System Console. From here enter in one of the following commands to do the function.


Display a list of players, both AI and Human.


Type your message and have it displayed to every player.


Speak to Player 4


Speak to Player 3


Speak to Player 2


Speak to player 1


Display the list of commands.


Deliver a personal message to your attacker.


Deliver a message to your team. (used in team based modes.)


Deliver a personal message to your targeted enemy.


Clear the game console.

Quake III: Arena Game Cheats
Beat the Game on any setting. Then save your game on your VMU. A mini game will appear on your VMU's screen. Every time you beat the Mini game you will be rewarded with a new cheat. Beat the mini game 5 times, once on every skill level, to unlock every cheat.

I Can Win-

Regenerating Armor

Bring It On-

Your default health is boosted to 150 and armor default level is boosted to 150.

Hurt Me-

You start out the level with all the weapons in that arena. If you die, when you respawn you will have all the weapons again.


Powerups now last forever until you die.


Unlimited Ammo.

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