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Cheat codes for Batman Forever

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Batman Forever Blueprint Gadgets
To use your gadgets, press any of the combo's below.
Holographic Decoy: Rotate the d-pad from Toward to Down then tap kick
X-ray Goggles: away, away, toward, punch
Saw Blade Launcher: away, down, toward, kick
Bat Cuffs: Hold kick press down to toward
Rocket Boots: away, away, towards, kick

Batman Forever Level Select and More
At the skill chart press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right this will allow you to pick a level, be invincible, and give you all the weapons.

Batman Forever Secret Rooms
When you are in the elevator on the 4th floor knock out the top door with your grappeling gun. Then jump up onto the top and throw your homing batarang. The elevator will start to fall, and it will go to the basement. When you come out you will get two blueprints.
On the first circus use the saw blade launcher on the plank that Batman is standing on. It will blow up and reveal an entrance.

Batman Forever Bat-a-rang
To use the Bat-a-rang press: BACK, FORWARD, KICK OR PUNCH

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