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Cheat codes for Defenders of Oasis

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Defenders of Oasis Barbados
When you are in the temple maze on the Island, go to the back (the area with the stairwells). As soon as you get there go down the stairs on the right. Go up the other stairs and there will be a wall inscription. Read it, it will tell you the Barbados is under the alter. Then go back to where you entered the temple. There will be a room with a table. Search the left side of it. It will move over and a flight of stairs is reveild. Go down it and the Barbados is in the box.
Note: This will not work if you don't read the wall carving.

Defenders of Oasis Playing Tip
If you're having difficulty getting through an area, turn off the Game Gear when the battle starts, then turn it back on and restore your game. You'll start out one step past the trouble spot.

Defenders of Oasis Sound Test
To hear all the music and sound effects for this great RPG, hold Up + Start at the title screen.

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