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Cheat codes for Disneys The Lion King

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Disney's The Lion King Invincibility
For invincibility, hold buttons I and II while turning on the game.

Disney's The Lion King Elephant Graveyard Shortcut
On the elephant graveyard, go past the last restart point before the huge drop, with several bone platforms on the left, and drop down, but hold left so that you land on a platform below. You have to be on the one about two levels down, then jump right into the wall and you will find a secret passage. Run along and there is a 1-up. Then, walk left and you can drop down into another section, which avoids the hardest section of the level.

Disney's The Lion King Hyena Cheat
On level one, make your way up to the top of the rock, but rather than going right and hitting the restart point (if you do, you can't go back), jump left and you will land on a platform. Explore it, then go back and fight the hyena. He will now die after just one hit.

Disney's The Lion King Extra Life in Level 3
In level 3 get on the second bone of the drop and jump over. There is an opening in the wall and you can get an extra life and finish the level.

Disney's The Lion King Level Select
To access any level, rotate the d-pad clockwise and hold the A and B buttons before the title screen appears. If done correctly, you should hear a chime indicating that Level Select mode has been activated.

Disney's The Lion King Scar tactics
To defeat Scar run in the opposite direction ofhim, then charge at him. When you reach him jump and scratch. Repeat untilScar falls off the cliff.

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