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Cheat codes for Ecco the Dolphin

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Ecco the Dolphin Cheat Menu
While playing, press Start to view the radar screen. Press Right, 1, 2, 1, 2, Down, 2, Up to reveal a hidden menu. This menu includes options for invincibility, unlimited continues and more!

Ecco the Dolphin Passwords
Swim to victory with these passwords.
Level PasswordMedusa Bay QMBRBUndercaves AGCFURidgewater VADJROpen Ocean QYEKRCold Water IAFWNDeep Water YAHWVThe City of Forever #1 OKBKIOrigin Beach CCRIJDark Water WGUKKThe City of Forever #2 MEMSKThe Tube GGWAOThe Machine KOWMPThe Vortex WCSKQ

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