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Cheat codes for Micro Machines

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Micro Machines Crash Opponents
Drive to the top left corner of the first breakfast table and press buttons 1 and 2, your opponents will explode on impact.

Micro Machines Infinite Lives
Fall off the first breakfast table at the bottom right corner.

Micro Machines Level Select
At the title screen, press Up, 2, Down, 2, 2, Left, 2, 2, 2.

Micro Machines Slow Opponents
Reverse off the top right hand corner on the first breakfast table.

Micro Machines Super Grip
On the breakfast table, stop on a puddle of milk and press Up + 1 + 2.

Micro Machines Super Slides
Go to the middle of the first breakfast table stop on the syrup and press 1 and 2.

Micro Machines Super Speed
Win the first boat race by crossing the finnish line in reverse to get super speed.

Micro Machines Bonus Games
When turning on the Game Gear, hold the START button. Up will pop up the Squinky Tennis bonus game. Note that you must have two linked GameGears to play.

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