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Cheat codes for Tails Adventure

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Tails Adventure All Chaos Emeralds
Enter this PW to have access to all the Chaos Emeralds!

Tails Adventure All Maps Unlocked and All Items Gained
To have all the spaces on the map opened with all the items, go to the password screen and enter:

Tails Adventure Invincibility
When you get the helmet, press Up, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, 2, 1. If you did it right you'll be wearing the helmet and are now invincible.

Tails Adventure Playing Tip
Did you miss an item in Coco Island and think it's too late? If the Battle Fortress has already risen, go to Lake Rocky and go the Coco Island route. You will be at Coco Island, but Tails head on the map will be in the ocean.

Tails Adventure Passwords
Level Password2 D2D1 D4D4 AE11 D6E14 E721 DC70 BC90 D64F* AF25 6828 5DB4 7C00* All Levels open except "Battle Fortress"

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