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Cheat codes for Battle Bull

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Battle Bull Passwords
Here are some passwords to help you through the tough parts:
Stage 1    LGBCStage 2    LLBMStage 3    LQVMStage 4    LVVMStage 5    LQV5Stage 6    LOQMStage 7    L4QMStage 8    L8Q5Stage 9    WBQ5Stage 10   CGQ7Stage 11   CLQ7Stage 12   Stage 13Stage 14Stage 15Stage 16Stage 17Stage 18Stage 19Stage 20Stage 21Stage 22Stage 23Stage 24   FCC* Stage 25Stage 26Stage 27Stage 28Stage 29Stage 30Stage 31Stage 32   8FC*Stage 33Stage 34Stage 35Stage 36Stage 37Stage 38Stage 39   8*C*Stage 40Stage 41Stage 42Stage 43Stage 44Stage 45Stage 46Stage 47Stage 48

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