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Cheat codes for James Bond 007

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James Bond 007 Bonus Games
To play any of the sub-games at will, start a new game and enter your name as one of the following:
Name GameBJACK Black JackBACCR BaccaratREDOG Red Dog

James Bond 007 Casino Secret
Go to the casino in Marricretch and play any one of the casino games. If you win about $17,000 the opponent will tell you that you are a high roller and the casino has paid for your visit. Return to the hotel and talk to the hotel manager (behind the desk.) He will give you the presidential key which you can use to open the locked door on the first floor.

James Bond 007 Finding the M.A.R.B.L.E.
The first time you talk to Q (London, Bonds Headquarters) there is a man in a chair behind him. If you walk around the chair hitting A or B the chair will launch through the wall. Walk through the hole in the wall and you will get the M.A.R.B.L.E.

James Bond 007 Getting the Pass in Kurdistan
Enter the house with the two big block things around it. If the man says "Good-day" it didnt work - you'll need something out of the list of supplies. If you get him to say something else get the ring from him, find the prisoner, and show him the ring. He will ask you to get some paper from the furthest house north. Return with the paper and he'll give you the pass.

James Bond 007 Hidden Hammer
To get the hammer, go to the house on the left side of your screen when you start the game. Enter that house, go to the back bed and hit it.

James Bond 007 Unlimited Med-Kits
Start your game and enter the house. Get the med-kit from the top bed, then save and quit. Reload your game and enter the house to find another med-kit. You can repeat as often as desired.

James Bond 007 Playing Tip
Asign BLOCK to either of the A or B buttons, and while you are looking for secret passages hold the BLOCK button. This will help you look for passages as you are moving about.

James Bond 007 Secret Passage in Kurdistan
When you go to Kurdistan for the first time, go to the cave where Iqbal lives.Don't go into the cave, but go to the right side of the screen and start hitting the rock should find a secret passage.when you go through it there will be a man sitting to him and he will give you a jeweled egg.later,when you go to Marrakech you can trabe it for ann undergrouns pass!

James Bond 007 Secret Passage in the Chinese Temple
When in the Chinese temple, go to the top room. When you are in there go to the middle of the right wall, then press A.

James Bond 007 Surviving the Sahara
To survive the Sahara you must get the canteen from the man that is one screen north. Fill the canteen with water in the screen where you started. From there you go 3 screens south and then 4 screens east. Be careful! If you get hit by the scorpions more than twice, you will not make it to the air base.

James Bond 007 Titanium Shield
If you are looking for something to deflect Odd-Jobs hat in the secret base you should get out of the prison area, with help from Zhong Mae & go to the end of the hallway then go up (it's easier if you use your rocket launcher). Look around, there should be a room with four men & 1 or 2 boxes. Destroy one guy & the next will take more shots to beat - he will drop a box, after he's gone take it & you'll have the titanium shield. Use it to deflct Odd-Jobs hat & send the hats back at him to win.

James Bond 007 The Key for the Safe
When you go into the secret passage in China, go to the corner where there is a dead end and push either the A or B buttons to get the key.

James Bond 007 Maccarech
At the beginning get your room key from the hotel manager. Go search your room for a med-kit. Then leave the hotel and go to the Casino. There go to the cashier and get your $1000 credit line to gamble with. If you lose all your money you can go back to the cashier and get another $1000. Once you win $2500 you can enter the baccarat room, if you win enough Mr. Fez will apear. Once he is there leave the Casino and search for the Q Branch building. You will get a watch laser. Now go find the Black Market. Oncethere look for the man selling chickens, you need to steal a chicken from him. Bring the chicken to the man who's got too many cats. He'll give you a cat for the chicken. Go to the man with the pest problem and give him the cat, he'll give you a pearl. Now go to the man whose deals 'Off the record, and give him the pearl and he'll give you a fake passport. Give the fake passport whose is seeking to leave Maccarech and he'll give you the night-vision goggles. Now go to the north-wester part of the black market and go into the Catacombs.Use your night-vision goggles to see in there and look for the two rusty grates. You can blow them open with your watch laser. Go into the grate that leads to Ms. Bliss. Once you get to her talk to her, she will give you a rare, large diamond and you will find yourself back on the streets again. Now go back to the Catacombs and find the Rat Man. Give him the diamond and he will give you a tranqulizer gun. Now go in the other grate you blasted open until you see Mr. Fez in the Baccarat room and shoot him with the tranquilizer. Now go back to the Casino and search Mr. Fez. He has the key to Odd Job's room in his pocket. Once you have the key go back to the hotel and go to the room farthest down. You will find Odd Job there. He will take most of your life and take all your med-kits and drop you off in the Sahara, to die in the sand (another way to get Odd Jobs key is to win $17000, the Casino says that they will pay for your stay. Now go to the hotel manager and he will give you the presidential key which you can use to open Odd Job's room).

James Bond 007 Ammo Saving Tip
Once you acquire the Titanium Shield, continually use it on enemies with bullets. You can then get very close to them, and as soon as they shoot, begin punching them to death. WARNING: Do not use this tactic on enemies with rocket launchers if you value your innards.

James Bond 007 How to win in the Casino
You need 2500 dollars in order to pass the Casino level and it usually takes forever. Here's away to get it in just a couple of minutes. Devote maybe half an hour playing. Get the $1000dollar line of credit. Now go to red dog. (I perfer red dog because there is a better chance of winning.) Bet the $1000 if you win then bet $500 andpresto! $2500. Now go to the baccarat room. Win a couple games here and Mr.Fez will show up. Now run down to the catacombs. Get Ms. Bliss' jewel and give it to the rat man for a tranquilizer gun. Run through the sewersuntil you get back to the other door in there. Use the watch and break the door open. Now follow this short path to the end. In the last room there is a slit in the wall. Use the tranquilizer here. You will shoot Mr.Fez. now run all the way back to the casino and into the baccarat room. inspect Mr.Fez and you will get the key. Run back to the hotel. Open one of the doors and meet Odd Job.

James Bond 007 Get jeweled egg
In Kurdistan, go to the entrance where you fight Iqbal and chop downthe bush to your right. Where that bush was, walk into the rocks, youwill start walking over them. Walk over once, down until you can't moveanymore, and over again, until you reach a room with alot of bushes and 5health doohickeys and a man. Talk to the man and he will give you a jeweledegg which you can trade for an underground pass in Marrakech!

James Bond 007 Get all guns
In the Sahara desert, when you find the secret base go 1 screen up and 1screen left then you see a table with every gun and bullets on it.

James Bond 007 Defeating Jaws at the junkyard
To defeat Jaws at the junkyard in Russia you must first reach the house.When you walk in you will see four plates to step on which are used topower the big magnets at the back of the room.Step on the plates and themagnets will push out. Jaws will follow you everywhere you go, so when youlead him to a magnet he will be stuck for a few seconds. That gives youtime to get him.

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