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Cheat codes for Oddworld Adventures

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Oddworld Adventures Chant in the Password Screen
If you want to chant in the Password screen, first go to the Gamespeak screen and chant by pressing LEFT. Then go into password, and press LEFT, RIGHT, UP, or DOWN rapidly to hear Abe chant.

Oddworld Adventures Super Jump
To super jump, press B to jump then Start to pause the action while Abe is still in mid-air. Push Start again and press B before he lands. Abe will jump higher! By repeating this process, Abe will reach considerable heights.
(Note: If he reaches the ceiling, the game will crash.)

Oddworld Adventures Passwords
Here is a complete list of passwords:
___ ___    ___ ___| | | |    | | | ||2| |3|    |4| |5||_| |_|    |_| |_|___        ___ ___| |        | | | ||1|        |6| |7||_|        |_| |_|Password    DoorsJCBCM       1JCCCL       1,7SCBCC       1,2JDBCL       1,3JFBCP       1,4JHBCR       1,5JMBCC       1,6SCCCB       1,2,7SDBCB       1,2,3JDCCM       1,3,7JFCCN       1,4,7JMCCB       1,6,7JHCCQ       1,5,7JGBCN       1,3,4JJBCQ       1,3,5JNBCB       1,3,6JKBCT       1,4,5JPBCF       1,4,6JRBCH       1,5,6SHBCH       1,2,5SFBCF       1,2,4SMBCM       1,2,6SDCCC       1,2,3,7SFCCD       1,2,4,7SHCCG       1,2,5,7SMCCL       1,2,6,7SGBCD       1,2,3,4SJBCG       1,2,3,5SNBCL       1,2,3,6JRCCG       1,5,6,7JPCCD       1,4,6,7JNCCC       1,3,6,7JKCCS       1,4,5,7JJCCR       1,3,5,7JGCCP       1,3,4,7JLBCS       1,3,4,5JQBCD       1,3,4,6JSBCG       1,3,5,6JTBCK       1,4,5,6SRBCR       1,2,5,6SKBCK       1,2,4,5SPBCP       1,2,4,6SNCCM       1,2,3,6,7SGCCF       1,2,3,4,7SJCCH       1,2,3,5,7SKCCJ       1,2,4,5,7SPCCN       1,2,4,6,7SRCCQ       1,2,5,6,7SLBCJ       1,2,3,4,5SQBCN       1,2,3,4,6SSBCQ       1,2,3,5,6JTCCJ       1,4,5,6,7JSCCH       1,3,5,6,7JQCCF       1,3,4,6,7JLCCT       1,3,4,5,7JBBCJ       1,3,4,5,6STBCT       1,2,4,5,6SSCCR       1,2,3,5,6,7STCCS       1,2,4,5,6,7SLCCK       1,2,3,4,5,7SQCCP       1,2,3,4,6,7SBBCS       1,2,3,4,5,6JBCCK       1,3,4,5,6,7SBCCT       all (start in big door)In the big door:TBCCS   2ND PARTTBHCN   3RD PARTTBRCD   4TH PARTTBRDF   5TH PARTTBTBT   6TH PART-LAST LEVEL

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