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Cheat codes for Solomons Club

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Solomon's Club Key in Every Level
At the title screen, before the Start and Password options appear, press A, B, A, B, B, A, UP.Now you will get the key automatically in every level, so you can just go to the door.

Solomon's Club Passwords
LEVEL 1 1 O8 8888 2 CVJB 8888 3 GVJD 8888 4 RVJH 8888 5 XVJS 8888 6 XVJY 8888 7 8VBY 8888 8 CYDY 8888 9 MYHY 8888 10 TYSY 8888 LEVEL 2 1 TZ 8888 2 QZVJ B888 3 OZVJ D888 4 8ZVJ H888 5 ?ZVJ S8886 ?ZVJ Y8887 CZVB Y8888 QZYD Y8889 4ZYH Y88810 KZYS Y888LEVEL 3 1 KZ Z8882 6ZZV JB883 TZZV JD884 CZZV JH885 2ZZV JS886 2ZZV JY887 QZZV BY888 6ZZY DY889 XZZY HY8810 RZZY SY88LEVEL 4 1 RZ ZZ882 JZZZ VJB83 KZZZ VJD84 QZZZ VJH85 VZZZ VJS86 VZZZ VJY87 6ZZZ VBY88 JZZZ YDY89 ?ZZZ YHY810 8ZZZ YSY8LEVEL 5 1 8Z ZZZ82 MZZZ ZVJB3 RZZZ ZVJD4 6ZZZ ZVJH5 6ZZZ ZVJS6 GZZZ ZVJY7 JZZZ ZVBY8 MZZZ ZYDY9 2ZZZ ZYHY10 CZZZ ZYSYSOLOMON 1 CZ__ ZZZZ

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