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Cheat codes for F-Zero: GP Legend

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F-Zero: GP Legend Cheat: Demo’s
Hold L + R at the opening screen to see some game demo’s.

F-Zero: GP Legend Unlockable: Tracks
Note: One of these tracks will be unlocked at the last race. You must play through multiple times to unlock both.
  • Play through Gold Cup on Standard in Grand Prix mode: Illusion or Red Canyon track
  • Play through Gold Cup on Expert in Grand Prix mode: Illusion II, Red Canyon II

F-Zero: GP Legend Unlockable List
  • Complete story mode with Jack Levin: Astro Robin
  • Complete Story Mode with Black Shadow: Black Bull
  • Complete Rick Wheeler's, Captain Falcon's and Lisa Brilliant's Story Mode: Black Shadow's story mode
  • Complete Rick Wheeler's second story mode: Captain Falcon's Story Mode
  • Beat Zero Test and Class-S with at least a bronze: Mad Wolf
  • Beat Zero Test Class-C with at least a bronze: Moon Shadow
  • Beat Zero Test Class-B with at least a bronze: Night Thunder
  • Beat story mode with Lisa Brilliant: Panzer Emerald
  • Get $2,550,000,000 in story mode using Samurai Goroh: Queen Meteor
  • Beat all three cups on Novice and Standard difficulty: Platinum Cup

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