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Fire Emblem Unlockable: Bonuses
Beat the game once to unlock all of the Extras in the menu. This includes Tactician Rating, Sound Test and Movie Gallery.

Fire Emblem Unlockable: Secret Levels
Train your lords in arenas (smart) or in combat (not very smart) to the combined level of 50 before the level "Four Fanged Offense" and then you will access an alternative "Four Fanged Offense" level where you are in Bern and you do not get Wallace. Instead, a level 3 Warrior appears to the bottom right of the screen named Geitz. If you talk to him with Dart then he will become yours.
In Lyn's Quest, train Nils to at least level 10 (this can be done by making a character wait every turn and than letting Nils Play for them. After beating Lyn's Quest, begin Eliwood or Hector's Quest. when you get to the level "The Dread Isle", beat it in under 20 turns to be asked to embark on a side quest. Accept this and you will enter the level "Prisoner of Magic". After a few turns in this level a Magic Seal unit called Kishiuna will appear. Kill the boss, than surround Kishiuna. If you kill him, than you will be asked to embark on another side quest called "A Glimpse in Time".

Fire Emblem Unlockable: Ocean Seal
In the Nabata Desert Level (Living Legend), Use a thief or Canas and move him to the area near the place where you first see Hawkeye. Move him to about 4 squares left of the bottom right of the screen and you will find an Ocean Seal. This seal can change a pirate (Dart) to a Berserker. If you train Dart to level 20 and then use the Ocean Seal on him, than he will become significantly more powerful than Hawkeye.

Fire Emblem Unlockable: Hard Mode
To unlock Hard Mode, beat the game once.

Fire Emblem Unlockable: Hector Mode
To unlock Hector Mode, beat the game once.

Fire Emblem Unlockable: Sound Test
You must complete the tutorial.

Fire Emblem Unlockable: Fell Contract
Beat Sonja or steal from Sonja in Chapter 26.

Fire Emblem Hint: Get Jaffar to Join Your Party
Get Nino to join your party and in the same chapter have Nino talk to Jaffar.

Fire Emblem Hint: "Valorous Roland" Chapter 28 Tip
Mclose enough to a lava square to make an enemy stop on it to deal damage to him.

Fire Emblem Hint: Buried Treasure
In the chapter where you first meet Pent and Hawkeye, go near the fossils on the ground with a thief character to find some rare items. There are two items by each fossil.

Fire Emblem Hint: Yet More Hidden Characters
  • Guy: Talk to him with Matthew.
  • Erk: Talk to him with Serra.
  • Priscilla: Visit the village in the same level with Erk.
  • Raven: Talk to him with Priscilla.
  • Lucius: Talk to him with Raven.
  • Fiora: Talk to her with Florina.
  • Rath: Talk to him with Lyn.
  • Hawkeye: Talk to him with Eliwood.
  • Wallace: Talk to him with Lyn, Kent, Sain, Wil, or Florina.
  • Geizt: Talk to him with Dart.
  • Vaida: Talk to her with Eliwood.
  • Renault: Visit the ruins in the top left corner of Chapter 30.

Fire Emblem Hint: Hidden Character Karel
Ch.25: Pale flower of DarknessThe snow will stop right after Nils tells you it will. Then Nils warns you that the snow will start up again. When it starts up again a Blade Master named Karel will appear in the top left corner just under where the Druid was. Talk to him with Eliwood and he will join your cause. Little tip: if you do get him, use him and Lord pent to kill Kenneth.

Fire Emblem Hint: Control Enemies
In the chapter where you get your first mine, set it down somewhere. Hopefully an enemy will step on it. When he does turn it off while it's exploding. When you go to resume chapter it will show the enemy getting blown up. When it does you can control the enemies!

Fire Emblem Hint: Get Karla
In chapter 29x Battle Preparation have Barte a level 5 Warrior. When you do a woman comes out of the battle arena. Have Barte talk to her. When he does he fights her. If you don't kill her and she doesn't kill you she joins your party. Karla's a sword master and she is Karel's sister.

Fire Emblem Hint: Hidden Characters
  • Harken: At the level where it snows, after it starts to snow the 2nd time, if you have not killed more than 3 upgraded enemies (Sniper, Druid, etc.) Harken (a Hero) will appear in the upper left hand corner. Talk to him with Eliwood, Lowen, or Marcus and he will join your party.
  • Canas: Canas specializes in magic like Flux and Luna, the opposite of Erk's abilities. As you progress through the game you will eventually be asked to "Accept this side Quest?" When you are asked for the first time, select yes. You will be taken to a level that requires you to defeat pirates in order to get passage to an island. When you begin that level head on straight up. Visit the first or second house. Talk to Canas, he'll join your group.
  • Dart: Dart is in the same level that you'll find Canas. DO NOT fight him or his capitan, just talk to the capitan. Dart will join your group within the next few levels. You may be asked to accept another side quest. If so select yes.
  • Legalt: Legalt is a thief like Matthew. In chapter 19: Dragon's Gate, you will notice a thief in a red coat running around. He'll try to open two chests on the castle's right side, and will run back to where he first appeared and disappear. Use Lyn or Eliwood to confront him. Talk to him and he will join your group.

Fire Emblem Hint: More Hidden Characters
  • Heath: Heath appears when Nils gets sick and you must protect him. Talk to Heath with a lord (Lyn, Hector, or Eliwood) to get him to join you.
  • Nino: When you go to protect the prince, talk to Nino on the way with one of the lords.
  • Farina: On Hector ch.25 (after you beat the game) you can get Florina’s brother but you must have 20,000 g to get him.
  • Harken: You can get him on the snowy level, when it starts snowing for the third time; he will appear with a couple of cavaliers and a Paladin. To get him, talk to him with Isadora, Marcus, Lowen, or Eliwood and he will join your party. He has some average stats, but has a good weapon, the Brave Sword. You get him if the Boss is Jerme.

Fire Emblem Hint: Cheap Items
In Eliwood or Hector Hard mode get the extra chapter after Ch.18 The Dread Isle by finishing within 15 turns or less. Then take a thief and steal the silver card from the boss. The silver card lets the holder pay half price for all of the items he or she buys but the person you go to the armory or vendor with has to have the silver card.

Fire Emblem Hint: Unit Comparison
Rebecca is better than Louise when trained
Raven is better than Harken when trained
Dart is better than Hawkeye when trained
Erk is better than Pent when trained

Fire Emblem Hint - Support Abilities
You know how in Eliwood's and Hector's tales you have support characters. To get characters to do support, just have characters that are compatible in adjacent squares for a certain amount of turns.

  • Ice characters increase defense the most
  • Lightning characters increase critical hits the most
  • Fire characters increase Strength the most
  • Anima characters increase Speed the most
  • Light characters increase Resistance the most
  • Dark characters increase Luck the most

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