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Cheat codes for Golden Sun

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Golden Sun Rename People in Your Party
Press SELECT three times before you put in your name to rename everyone in your party.

Unlock Data Link To Golden Sun 2
On the black logo screen, hold L + R + LEFT and press B. A new option will appear. Select it to get "Password" or "Link". This lets you send cleared Golden Sun data to the next installment.

NOTE: The three "types" of passwords are Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold holds all your data. Silver keeps track of your levels, Djinns, and items. Bronze only records levels and Djinns.

You must write down the password and fill it in when playing Golden Sun 2 or you can transfer your data using the game link.

Golden Sun Hint: Warp To Last Save
From a cold start (i.e., turned on your GBA), you can start at the last town you visited by selecting to continue your file, then hold L + R + START + SELECT.

Golden Sun Cheat: Return to Most Recently Visited Sanctum
When you go to the load file screen, press and hold L BUTTON,START,and SELECT before loading the file. When you go to load the file, Isaac and the rest of the crew will be inside the most recently visited sanctum.

Golden Sun Hint: Crossbone Isle
In order to get to Crossbone Isle, a place not listed on the map, go to Vale Cave after you have the Psynergy, Lift. Explore the cave and find the Halt Circle. Then go to the Suhalla desert to find the red tornado near where you found the moving tornado. Use Reveal to see footprints. Keep using Reveal until you find a hidden stone platform. Jump onto the platform, and across the ledge there will be a cave. Get through the small cave and you will end up behind the red tornado. Use Halt on the tornado and you will be transported to Crossbone Isle. The enemies here, including the boss, are tougher.

Golden Sun Hint - Monster Farming (Tempest Lizard)
I found out that if you take the red tornado to Crossbone Isle then walk back into the tornado when you arrive at the island, you can use "Douse" on it as you would normally to fight the Lizard at that beach where it's waiting instead of at the desert! After you've won, it disappears. Don't freak out! Just walk back into crossbone Isle (the area, not the actual island) and walk out of it again, the red tornado is there again! So you can keep on killing it at least until your party becomes downed. This will gain you over 1000 experience points, around 2400 coins and a Potion each time you defeat it! This should work, but save before you try it (I did) and save again when your'e safely back at the desert. Try killing it by using level 4 summons and then a couple of Ragnaroks!

Golden Sun Rename Party Members Plus Secondary Characters
Before you name your character, enter this code, and you'll be able to name everyone in your party, plus a few secondary characters: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHTUP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, SELECT.

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