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Cheat codes for Golden Sun: The Lost Age

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Golden Sun: The Lost Age Unlock New Difficulties
Beat the game once to unlock the new difficulties. With your Clear Data save, select New Game. You can play on Easy if selecting that option, or say No in order to play on Hard.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Rename Characters
Instead of entering a new name for Felix, press SELECT, SELECT, SELECT. This will allow you to enter new names for other people (Garet, Ivan, Mia). Press UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, SELECT to enter even more new names.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Unlockable: Sound Test
Enter the Battle Arena and while holding L + R speak to the girl in the lower left corner of the room. You can only hear songs that you've heard in-game.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hint: Extra Summons
There are several extra combo summons to be found. With the exception of Azul, you need to know Teleport from the Mars Lighthouse.
  • Azul: Treasure Island (defeat Star Magician)
  • Dealdus: Yampi Cave (defeat Vakuar)
  • Catastrophe: Tropical island (Sentinel) Note: You must complete trading process (give baby turtle to older turtle for ride to spot) first.
  • Iris: Inside Anemos Sanctum (defeat boss)

    Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hint: Instant Forging
    To have the Blacksmith in Yallam forge items faster, just enter the sanctum and exit again. The item will have been forged and ready for you to receive.

    Golden Sun: The Lost Age Hint - Earn A Trident
    To get the trident you must get all its three pieces. The center prong is on a long snow covered island with cracked ice. The right prong is on the top of the shirne of the sea god. The left prong is on the top of the Ankini Ruins.

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