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Cheat codes for 1080 Avalanche

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1080 Avalanche Cheat: Final Challenges
You can jump right to the timed final challenges in the game's Match Race mode. To do so, enter the following codes at the options screen:

Novice Final Challenge
Track Name: Sub-Zero Assault: Spinal Damage

Hard Final Challenge
Track Name: Sub-Zero Assault: Ballistic

Expert Final Challenge
Track Name: Avalanche Alley: No Way Out

Extreme Final Challenge
Track Name: Avalanche Alley: No Way Out (Mirrored)

1080 Avalanche Cheat: Extreme Characters
Enter the following code on the options screen: 9AVVIKNY to unlock the final Challenge and Avalanche in Extreme mode. By completing Extreme Mode you unlock a different secret character for each boarder. For instance, beating it with Rob Haywood unlocks the character "Bones Haywood", a skeleton pirate snowboarder.

1080 Avalanche Unlockable: New Costumes
To get an alternate costume for your character, finish the Hard Match Race. You will only unlock a new outfit for the character you used to beat the mode.

1080 Avalanche Unlockable: Extreme Match Race
To open up a hidden match race mode, "Extreme", beat all three standard difficulty levels. Once you have beaten Avalanche Alley: No Way Out, the Hard final challenge, wait for the credits to finish. The extreme course will now appear on the Match Race main screen.

1080 Avalanche Unlockable: New Boards
Time Trial Coins

  • Penguin Board: 1 coins
  • Second Board (Crime Scene, GCN, Once Bitten, Scaretactix, Winterborn): 2 coins
  • Third Board (Broken Forest, Cold Front, DNA, Happiness, Mind Invaion): 5 coins
  • Paintbrush Board: 7 coins
  • Fourth Board (8-bit Soul, Bad Cat, Backbone, Conquest, Pulse): 9 coins
  • New Board Designs: 18 coins
  • Alternate Board Skins: All coins
Race Trophies
  • Mr. Beakes' Board: 2 trophies
  • Old School Board: 6 trophies
  • Power Painter: 9 trophies
  • NST 1080 Avalanche: 15 trophies

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