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Cheat codes for Alien Hominid

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Alien Hominid Unlockable: Hair
  • Pirate Hat: On level 1-1 destroy Hairy Nanny Daycare
  • Curly Hair Wig: Destroy the “Fish are like plants” building in level 1-5
  • Soviet Hat: Get to level 2-1
  • Dimond tirera: Beat level 2-2 on Hard
  • Area 51 Hat: Get to level 3-1
  • Private Eye hat: Beat level 3-2 on Hard
  • Jouster hat: Beat level 3-4 on Hard
  • Tom Fulp hair: Name your hominid tomfulp
  • Blond Hair: Beat last boss on hard.

Alien Hominid Cheat: Hidden Hats
In the Options Menu, where you can rename your alien, use the following names to unlock hidden hats for the 2 player game:
  • cletus
  • april
  • superfly
  • goodman
  • grrl
  • abe
  • princess
  • dandy

Alien Hominid Unlockable: Super Soviet Missile Master mini-game
Finish level 1-5 and the Super Soviet Missile Master mini-game will be unlocked after the intermission sequence.

Alien Hominid Unlockable: Minigames, Levels and Hats
Set the player 1 name to ROYGBIV.

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