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Cheat codes for Beach Spikers

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Beach Spikers Unlock Bonus Courts
During World Tour mode, play a match on the Pringles, Holiday Inn, Sega, and Nintendo courts in that order to unlock that same court in arcade mode. Access them by holding R when selecting arcade mode at the main menu.

Beach Spikers Unlock Extras
Clear arcade mode as Japan unlocks Uniforms 103 and 104.

Clear arcade mode unlocks Uniforms 87 and 88.

Clear arcade mode twice unlocks Uniforms 90 and 91.

Clear arcade mode three times unlocks Uniforms 93 and 94.

Clear world tour mode unlocks Uniforms 96 through 102.

Clear world tour mode unlocks Sunglasses 86 through 93.

Clear world tour mode unlocks Hair 71 through 74.

Clear world tour mode and get first place overall unlocks Uniforms 89, 92, and 95.

Clear tutorial mode to unlock Uniforms 71 through 86.

Defeat the Dural team to unlock Face 54 and 55.

Beach Spikers Play Against Dural Team
On world tour mode, get an overall first place rank.

Beach Spikers See Performance Meter
In the world tour mode, hold L + R while team names and round number are being announced.

Beach Spikers Unlock Uniforms
Go through Tutorial Mode to unlock Uniforms 71-86.

Beat World Tour to unlock Hairstyles 71-74, Sunglasses 86-93, Uniforms 96-102.

Beat Arcade Mode the required amount of times to unlock the corresponding threads:
1st Time: Uniforms 87 & 88
2nd Time: Uniforms 90 & 91
3rd Time: Uniforms 93 & 94

These passwords unlock Uniforms:
DAYTONA: 107-108
FVIPERS: 109-110
ARAKATA: 111-113 (Space Channel 5 uniforms)
PHANTA2: 114-115 (PSO uniforms)
OHTORII: 116-117 (Sega uniforms)
JUSTICE: 105-106 (Virtua Cop uniforms)

Beach Spikers Block Tutorial Easy Clear
As soon as the match starts run directly behind your computer controlled partner and she'll run to the front and perform the block.

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