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Cheat codes for I-Ninja

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I-Ninja Cheat List
During gameplay, press START and enter any of these codes:
  • Sword Upgrade - Hold L BUTTON + R BUTTON, X, B, X, Y, Y, B, X, B
  • Complete Current Mission - Hold R BUTTON, B, B, B, X, Release R BUTTON, Hold L BUTTON, Y, Y, Release L BUTTON, Hold R BUTTON, B, B
  • Big Heads - Hold R BUTTON, Y, Y, Y, Y, Release R BUTTON, Hold L BUTTON, Y, Y, Hold R BUTTON + L BUTTON, Y, X, Y

    I-Ninja Unlock Battle Arena
    To Unlock Battle Arena, earn all the Grades, Then you should get the Master Grade. The Battle Arena Will be open at Robot Beach.

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