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Cheat codes for B.O.B.

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B.O.B. Level Skip
You can skip levels whever you find a life recharge icon above a lava bed. To do so, lose most of your lift (all but the last notch). Now jump in the lava and recharge your life at the same time. If you did this correctly, you should warp to the next level.

B.O.B. Power-Up Code
At the "Foley High Tech Systems" screen, quickly press A + B + C on controller two. You should hear a chime. Start the game and you will have infinite lives, all weapons, and all remotes!

B.O.B. Secret Room
On the first level, stand beside the stars that enable you to pass the level. Use the helecoptor or spring pads to go through the ceiling and into a secret room. Here you will find all the weapons and remotes.

B.O.B. Passwords
Make B.O.B.'s life a little easier with this complete set of passwords. For an added bonus, replace the second number in any password with '9'. You'll gain several remotes and other bonuses.
Goth 2171058Anciena 6583172
Goth 3950745Anciena 7743690
Goth 4472149Ultraworld 1743690
Anciena 1672451Ultraworld 2103928
Anciena 2272578Ultraworld 3144895
Anciena 3652074Ultraworld 4775092
Anciena 4265648Ultraworld 5481376
Anciena 5462893

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